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Homebridge plugin for Panasonic™ Viera™ TVs

  • support for 2018 and 2019 models

    Pincode and encryption (encapsulated in AES-CBC-128 encryption with HMAC-SHA-256) was added as a requirement for communication with TV models released on and after 2018 which has broken previously existing plugins.

    (tested on Author's TX-50GX830E)

  • HomeKit TV Accessory

  • Power TV On & Off

  • Input switching

  • Automated TV Apps handling


  1. iOS 12.3 or later
  2. Homebridge v0.4.50 or later

TV Setup

  1. On your TV go to Menu -> Network -> TV Remote App Settings and ensure the following settings are ON:

    • TV Remote

    • Powered On by Apps

    • Networked Standby

  2. Then, go to Menu -> Network -> Network Status -> Status Details and take note of your TV ip address.


  1. Install homebridge.

  2. Install this plugin

     $ sudo npm install -g homebridge-vieramatic
  3. run the pre-flight setup script, and take note of its output

     $ viera-pair YOUR_TV_IP_ADDRESS_HERE
  4. Update your homebridge's config.json file per the output of viera-pair in the step above

    if you are using one of the multiple homebridge graphical web front-ends, like HOOBS or homebridge-config-ui-x, you may need to paste, the config snippet referenced above manually to it.

    • When using homebridge-config-ui-x you can go to the config tab and edit the settings there.

    • Over HOOBS please do follow the steps referenced here replacing all mentions of homebridge-plugin with homebridge-vieramatic.

      Please do note that in HOOBS viera-pair will end located at /home/hoobs/.hoobs/node_modules/.bin/viera-pair

  5. Populate the hdmiInputs section according to your input switching list.

    "platforms": [
          "platform": "PanasonicVieraTV",
          "tvs": [
               "ipAddress": "YOUR_TV_IP_ADDRESS_HERE",
               "hdmiInputs": [
                   "id" : "1",
                   "name": "Apple TV"
                 }, {
                   "id" : "2",
                   "name": "VodafoneTV box"
    • please do note that if have more than one TV you add its config to the tvs array and not as a whole platform duplicate, along the example bellow...

      "tvs": [
          "ipAddress": "YOUR_TV_IP_ADDRESS_HERE",
          "hdmiInputs": []
        }, {
          "ipAddress": "YOUR_SECOND_TV_IP_ADDRESS_HERE",
          "hdmiInputs": []
  6. [re]start homebridge

Integration with Siri - quick note about input switching

As far as the author knows, currently, the Homekit TV integration spec from Apple sadly does not allow to switch inputs with Siri directly (would love to be proved wrong).

The workaround is either to make shortcuts that do the input change and invoke those from Siri, or to create scenes straight in the home app that achieve the same and then invoke them.


  • George Nick Gorzynski's original homebridge-panasonic plugin which served as the base inspiration for this new one.
  • Florian Holzapfel's panasonic-viera python library which documented the new pincode authentication and communication scheme of 2018 and later models.


This is an open source project released under the MIT License.

Contributions and suggestions or bug reports are gladly welcomed!


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