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Supports triggering Tado Smart AC Control from the HomeBridge platform.

Complies with Service.Thermostat


  1. Install homebridge using: sudo npm install -g homebridge
  2. Install this plugin using: sudo npm install -g homebridge-tado-ac
  3. Update your configuration file. See sample-config.json in this repository for a sample.

**install from git (latest version): sudo npm install -g

Config file

"accessories": [
  "accessory": "TADO",
  "name": "Tado",
  "homeID": 12345,
  "maxValue": 31,
  "minValue": 16,
  "zone": 1,
  "username": "",
  "password": "XXXXX",
  "useFanSpeed": "AUTO",
  "useSwing": false,
  "tadoMode": "MANUAL",
  "useFahrenheit": false


Parameter Description Required Default
accessory always "TADO" -
name name of the accessory -
homeID see below Finding HomeID -
maxValue Max temprature of your AC (in Tado app) 31
minValue Min temprature of your AC (in Tado app) 16
zone zone number of your Tado 1
username your tado account username ( -
password your tado account password -
useFanSpeed your AC settings on Tado app. can be "AUTO"/"LOW"/"MEDIUIM"/HIGH" or false for no fanspeed option false
useSwing your AC settings on Tado app. can be "ON"/"OFF" or false for no swing option false
tadoMode default mode for the commands to be sent with. can be "MANUAL" for manual control until ended by the user, or "TADO_MODE" for manual control until next schedule change in tado app . "MANUAL"
useFahrenheit true for using Fahrenheit or false for Celsius -

Finding HomeID

Your username and password will be the same ones that you login to the Tado App/Website with. Luckily, finding your homeID isn't too hard.

To do this we will use the old Tado API, the /getCurrentState call returns our homeID along with some other data.

Simply amend the URL below so it has your Tado username/password in it then copy paste it into a browser.

This should return something like this (albeit not formatted nicely on one line):

  "success": true,
  "operation": "HOME",
  "autoOperation": "HOME",
  "operationTrigger": "SYSTEM",
  "insideTemp": 27.08,
  "setPointTemp": 5,
  "controlPhase": "UNDEFINED",
  "boxConnected": null,
  "gwConnected": null,
  "tsConnected": null,
  "currentUserPrivacyEnabled": null,
  "currentUserGeoStale": null,
  "deviceUpdating": false,
  "homeId": 12345,
  "pendingDeviceInstallation": false

Sift through the json to find the homeId near the end and you're good to go.