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A modified version of arcreative's homebridge-smartthings-routine to work even after recent API Changes. This is a little plugin to trigger SmartThings routines from Homebridge. The original script has been modified to automatically turn the Homekit switch back off after the delay period set in config.


  1. npm install -g ajvwhite/homebridge-smartthings-routines
  2. Install the homebridge-routine-triggers.groovy SmartApp in the API portal: European API Portal: SmartThings EU API Portal US API Portal: SmartThings Main API Portal (NOTE: If outside of Europe Replace instances of graph-eu01-euwest1.api.smartthings.com with graph.api.smartthings.com in homebridge-routine-triggers.groovy before adding.)
  3. Ensure when adding, to enable OAuth in the SmartApp configuration
  4. Save and Publish the app for your own account
  5. In the SmartThings app on your mobile device add the SmartApp by going to Marketplace > SmartApps > My Apps and selecting "Homebridge Routine Triggers"
  6. You will need to fetch the accesory config to place in your homebridge config from the newly installed SmartApp and place it in your homebridge config.json file
  7. For the script to work properly, add Delay into config.json as per the example below.
  8. Restart homebridge for it to pick up the routine triggers
  9. NOTE: If you add, modify or remove any routine you will need to update the config as per 6

## config.json

      "accessory": "HomebridgeRoutineTrigger",
      "name": "from SmartApp",
      "smartAppId": "copy from SmartApp",
      "accessToken": "from SmartApp",
      "appServerUri": "from SmartApp",
      "delay": 500 //millisecond delay before Homekit switch auto turn off


Just say "Turn [on] [routine name]" to trigger the routine. There is actually no "off" state to a routine and so will have no effect other than update it's status with HomeKit.


Credit to ajvwhite for providing most of the core index.js, and nitaybz for code extracts from homebridge-delay-switch.

Credit to jnewland for the original HelloHomeBridge.groovy file that HomebridgeRoutineTrigger.groovy is based on.

In addition thank you to arcreative for the original homebridge-smartthings-routine that this project is created from.


npm i homebridge-smartthings-routines

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