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Homebridge plugin for Shelly, enabling HomeKit support for the next generation of Shelly devices.

For the first generation, see homebridge-shelly.

Supported devices


Either install this plugin through Homebridge Config UI X or manually by following these instructions:

  1. Install Homebridge by following the instructions.
  2. Install this plugin by running npm install -g homebridge-shelly-ng.
  3. Add this plugin to the Homebridge config.json:
"platforms": [
    "platform": "ShellyNG",
    "name": "Shelly NG"

By default, devices will be discovered on your local network using mDNS and WebSockets will then be used to communicate with them.


The following configuration options are available. Note that they are all optional.

  "devices": [
      "id": "e.g. shellyplus1-abcdef123456",
      "name": "My Device",
      "exclude": false,
      "hostname": "e.g.",
      "password": "pa$$word",
      "switch:0": {
        "exclude": false,
        "type": "switch"
      "switch:1": {
        "exclude": false,
        "type": "outlet"
      "switch:2": {
        "exclude": false,
        "type": "switch"
      "switch:3": {
        "exclude": false,
        "type": "switch"
      "cover:0": {
        "exclude": false,
        "type": "windowCovering"
  "mdns": {
    "enable": true,
    "interface": "e.g. eth0 or"
  "websocket": {
    "requestTimeout": 10,
    "pingInterval": 60,
    "reconnectInterval": [ 5, 10, 30, 60, 300, 600 ]

See below for descriptions of each configuration option.

Option Description
devices An array of one or more objects with options for specific devices.
devices. id The device ID. Here's how to find it.
devices. name The name of the device. This will be shown in the homebridge log and will be used as the default name when the device is added to HomeKit. Note though that setting this value after the device has been added will not change the name in HomeKit. If no name is specified, this plugin will use the device name set in the Shelly app, or the name of the device model.
devices. exclude Set this option to true to make this plugin ignore this device.
devices. hostname The IP address or hostname of the device. Set this value if your device can't be discovered automatically.
devices. password The password to use if authentication has been enabled for the device.
devices. switch:0-3.exclude Set this option to true to prevent the switch with the specified index number from being added to HomeKit.
devices. switch:0-3.type The type of accessory used to represent the switch with the specified index number. Available options are "outlet" and "switch" (default).
devices. cover:0.exclude Set this option to true to prevent this cover from being added to HomeKit.
devices. cover:0.type Only available for devices in cover mode. The type of accessory used to represent the cover. Available options are "door", "window" (default) and "windowCovering".
mdns Settings for the mDNS device discovery service.
mdns. enable Set this option to false to disable automatic device discovery using mDNS.
mdns. interface The network interface to use when sending and receiving mDNS packets. You probably don't need to use this setting unless you know what you're doing. If not specified, all available network interfaces will be used.
websocket. requestTimeout The time, in seconds, to wait for a response before a request is aborted.
websocket. pingInterval The interval, in seconds, at which ping requests should be made to verify that the connection is open. Set to 0 to disable.
websocket. reconnectInterval The interval, in seconds, at which a connection attempt should be made after a socket has been closed. If an array or a comma-separated list of numbers is specified, the first value will be used for the first connection attempt, the second value for the second attempt and so on. When the last value has been reached, it will be used for all subsequent connection attempts; unless the value is 0, in which case no more attempts will be made. Set to 0 to disable.

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