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Homebridge platform plugin for the Sensibo Sky


  1. Install homebridge using: npm install -g homebridge
  2. Install this plugin using: npm install -g homebridge-sensibo-sky
  3. Update your configuration file. See sample config.json snippet below.


Configuration sample:

Full configuration

"platforms": [
   		"platform": "SensiboSky",
   		"name": "Sensibo",
   		"apiKey": "YOUR_SENSIBO_API_ID",
   		"timeLapse": 5,
   		"ai": true,
   		"hideFan": false, 
   		"hideHumidity": true,
   		"fixedState" : "auto"			

Simple configuration

"platforms": [
            "platform": "SensiboSky",
            "name": "Sensibo",
            "apiKey": "YOUR_SENSIBO_API_ID"


  • "platform": Must always be "SensiboSky" (required)
  • "name": Can be anything (required)
  • "apiKey": Sensibo API key, must be obtained from (required)
  • "timeLapse": Time in seconds to recycle the status from Sensibo. Too frequent will result in many timeout from sensibo server. Default is 30s. (Optional)
  • "ai": true or false. In BETA and only works for cooling. This will set the fan speed automatically to achieve the target temperature asap. This will also hide the fan since it is no longer manually controlled. If there is demands, I can work on heating too. Default is turnoff (false). (Optional)
  • "hideFan": true or false. When set to true, the fan will be fixed at high provided ai is false. The Fan control is also hidden. Default is false.
  • "hideHumidity": true or false. True would move the humidity info into thermostat detail. Default is false. (Optional)
  • "fixedState": "cool"|"heat"|"manual"|auto". Fixed the heating/cooling state of the aircon. If set to "manual", to be set with Homeapp manually. Default is "auto" where cool/heat decided if the target temp is lower or higher than current

Usage Notes

  • This module modified from the original Sensibo and adopted for Sensibo Sky to improve the stability due to the constant ERRCONNECT from Sensibo server when there is too many request. Staggered update for each 0.5s each from timeLapse.

  • The refresh is now splitted to the individual pods instead of all at one go to mininize error from the sensibo server.

  • Had also resolved bugs on the fan and better error handling when Sensibo server does not respond.

  • A fan speed of 0 means "auto". Otherwise it makes a logical progression from low, medium, medium_high to high.

  • Most code adopted from pdlove. Credits goes to original author pdlove


npm i homebridge-sensibo-sky

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