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homebridge-plugin for Roomba 9xx (Roomba 900 Software Version 2.x).

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  • Roomba start on demand
  • Roomba stop and dock on demand
  • Roomba charging status
  • Roomba battery level (with low battery warning)

Credits to:




@matanelgabsi for keepAlive feature


1. Install homebridge and Roomba plugin.

  • 1.a sudo npm install -g homebridge --unsafe-perm
  • 1.b sudo npm install -g homebridge-roomba-stv

2. Find robotpwd and blid.

  • 2.a Run npm run getrobotpwd 192.16.xx.xx where this plugin in installed
  • 2.b Follow instructions

If successful, the following message will be displayed.

Please check blid and Password of displayed message.

Robot Data:
{ ver: '2',
  hostname: 'Roomba-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx',
  robotname: 'Your Roomba’s Name',
  ip: '192.168.xx.xx',
  mac: 'xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx',
  sw: 'vx.x.x-x',
  sku: 'R98----',
  nc: 0,
  proto: 'mqtt',
  blid: '0123456789abcdef' }
Password=> :1:2345678910:ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP <= Yes, all this string.

4. Update homebridge configuration file.

"accessories": [
    "accessory": "Roomba",
    "name": "Roomba",
    "model": "960",
    "blid": "1234567890",
    "robotpwd": "aPassword",
    "ipaddress": "",
    "autoRefreshEnabled": true,
    "keepAliveEnabled": true, //If you use local network mode in roomba app, consider disabling. see note below
    "cacheTTL": 30 //in seconds

Refresh mode

This plugins supports these refresh modes:

  • NONE (autoRefreshEnabled and keepAlive both set to false) - no auto refresh, we will connect to roomba and poll status when requested by home app. Please note that this will cause "Updating" status for all homebridge accessories.

  • AUTO REFRESH (autoRefreshEnabled set to true) - we will connect to roomba, every pollingInterval seconds, and store the status in cache. if pollingInterval = cacheTTL - 10 (or more), this will make sure we will always have a valid status.

  • KEEP ALIVE (keepAlive set to true) - we will keep a connection to roomba, this will cause app to fail to connect to roomba in local network mode (cloud mode will work just fine, even in your home wifi). This will lead to better performance (status will refresh faster, and toggle will work faster as well). Keep in mind this will increase the Roomba battery consumption.

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