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NooLite plugin (via USB MTRF-64 or МТRF-64 modules) for homebridge

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TG channel: (tg://


  1. Install homebridge

  2. Install homebridge-noolite plugin

     $ sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge-noolite
  3. Add settings to homebridge config.json

     "platforms": [
           "platform": "NooLitePlatform",
           "serialPort": "/dev/tty.usbserial-AL032Z5U",
           "serverPort": "8080",
           "periodicAccessoryUpdate": 5,
           "requestTtl": 1000,
           "serialWriteDelayMs": 250
    • serialPort - path to MTRF-64 serial port required
    • serverPort - web-ui port for add new noolite accessories optional, default: 8080
    • periodicAccessoryUpdate - periodically update NooLite-F accessories status (in seconds) optional, default this feature is disabled
    • requestTtl - waiting block response timeout in milliseconds
    • serialWriteDelayMs - delay between sending commands to blocks in milliseconds (if too short, MTRF adapter may not have enough time to process requests/responses)

    See sampleConfig.json file for example.

  4. Fix permission to MTRF (For USB) sudo usermod -a -G dialout

  5. Run homebridge


After successful start web interface will be available on address: <device_ip>:8080

On the main page, we can directly interact with the MTRF-64 adapter by sending commands presets or use raw bites, according to MTRF-64 manual.

There are 2 sections оn accessories page (/acc):

  1. MTRF - interact with NooLite-F devices (SLF, SRF blocks) by channels (0 to 63)
  2. HomeKit - interact with HomeKit accessories

NooLite supported accessories


  1. SLF block with NooLite-F protocol
  2. SUF dimmable block with NooLite-F protocol
  3. SU block
  4. SB block
  5. SR block
  6. SD RGB led strip block
  7. SRF-R block for garage and home doors, window and window coverages
  8. SRF-1-3000-T block for controlling electric heating systems


  1. Motion sensor PM112
  2. Temperature sensor PT112
  3. Temperature and humidity sensor PT111
  4. Leak sensor WS-1
  5. Contact sensor DS-1

Custom accessories:

  1. Garage Door accessory - based on SLF block, send 8 command (Power On by 1.5 seconds) to block on Open/Close action. Default setting is the interval of 20 seconds for the complete opening/closing of the door.


  1. SLF configuration improvements
  2. Web interface UI/UX


npm i homebridge-noolite

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