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Supports NeoPixel http(s) devices on the HomeBridge Platform and provides a readable callback for getting and setting the following characteristics to Homekit:

  • Characteristic.On
  • Characteristic.Brightness
  • Characteristic.Hue
  • Characteristic.Saturation

For more information visit: http://www.studiopieters.nl/apple-homebridge-neopixel-light/


  1. Install homebridge using: npm install -g homebridge
  2. Install homebridge-http using: npm install -g homebridge-neopixel
  3. Update your configuration file.

Configuration file


The following is an overview of the structure of your HTTP-NEO accessory.

Both powerOn and powerOff can either be a string or an object. If a string is provided it is filled in as the url and the body will be blank. Most devices will be ok with the string option.

The purpose of powerOff/powerOn for an NeoPixel light is not to physically power or de-power the device (as then how would it respond to further commands?), but to set the LED color to black (for powerOff), and restore the color (for powerOn). Your backend device should already be doing this. This is just a convenience function so that your HomeBridge knows this device can turn off or on.

Additionally, both brightness and color share the same structure (with the exception that the color structure allows for a .brightness variable), they can either be a string or an object. If it is a string, it is filled in as the status and the other fields are left blank. When this is the case, you can only read the settings, you may not change them.

    "accessory": "HTTP-NEO",
    "name": string,

    "http_method": string-optional,
    "username": string-optional,
    "password": string-optional,
    "sendImmediately": string-optional,

    "switch": {
        "status": url-optional,
        "powerOn": string-or-object,
        "powerOff": {
            url: string,
            body: string

    "lock": {
        "status": url-optional,
        "secure": string-or-object,
        "unsecure": {
            url: string,
            body: string

    "brightness": string-or-object,
    "color": {
        "status": url-status,
        "url": url-optional,
        "brightness": boolean,
        "http_method": string-optional


All the .status urls expect a 200 HTTP status code and a body of a single string with no HTML markup.

  • switch.status expects 0 for Off, and 1 for On.
  • brightness.status expects a number from 0 to 100.
  • color.status expects a 6-digit hexidemial number.

Homebridge-NeoPixel is based on homebridge-better-http-rgb.



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