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Homebridge Motion Sensor

This is a homebridge plugin to make a Raspberry Pi connected with a motion sensor for example:

  • PIR Sensor
  • Radar sensor

There are a few adjustments that can be made via the config.


After name the most important config is the gpio pin where the sensor is connected of course.


In case we don't want to immediately notify that a movement was noticed we can delay here by x seconds. This might only make sense if your sensor has a higher resolution than a "standard" PIR sensor (which in my case could only report every 5s).

After the defined timeframe the plugin will check again if there was a movement and will then propagate the detected state.


Here we can define a number of seconds to wait until checking for a new movement. Most sensors like the philips hue have a timeout of 20s and will then check for a new movement.


The radar is very sensitive to movements, even if there was a movement some milliseconds ago, and we check right now for a new movement (for example after the timeout) - we could get a "no movement" - which means that state will be propagated.

To avoid for example lights flickering we can define a cache timeout to check if there was a movement in the last x seconds.


This is only relevant when not using an PIR sensor. While the pir sensor will notify on gpio with a "1" that a movement is detected, the radar will work the other way round (due to the doppler effect).

This means for the radar a recognized movement is notified with a "0" on the gpio pin. In this case we have to define the config value as "false".


Feel free to fork or use the plugin in any way you want. Also if you would like to have a feature feel free to add an issue/request in github.

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