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    A Xiaomi Mi humidifier plugin for Homebridge.

    ⚠️ The config format was changed in version 2. See the configuration section for more details.


    npm install -g homebridge-mi-humidifier


    Add the following part to the "platforms" section of your Homebridge config:

      "platform": "MiHumidifier",
      "devices": [
          "name": "Humidifier",
          "address": "<ip>",
          "token": "<token>",
          "model": "zhimi.humidifier.v1",
          "updateInterval": 30,
          "disabled": false,
          "autoSwitchToHumidityMode": true,
          "disableTargetHumidity": false,
          "ledBulb": {
            "enabled": true,
            "name": "Humidifier LED"
          "buzzerSwitch": {
            "enabled": true,
            "name": "Humidifier Buzzer"
          "temperatureSensor": {
            "enabled": true,
            "name": "Humidifier Temperature"
          "humiditySensor": {
            "enabled": true,
            "name": "Humidifier Humidity"


    Key Description
    platform Platform name. Has to be MiHumidifier
    devices Array of devices configurations.


    Key Description Default value
    name Name of the device. This will appear in your Home app. "Humidifier"
    address IP address of the device.
    token Device token. See obtaining token.
    model One of:
    - zhimi.humidifier.v1
    - zhimi.humidifier.ca1
    - zhimi.humidifier.cb1
    - zhimi.humidifier.ca4
    - deerma.humidifier.mjjsq
    - deerma.humidifier.jsq1
    - deerma.humidifier.jsq3
    - deerma.humidifier.jsq4
    - deerma.humidifier.jsq5
    - deerma.humidifier.jsqs
    - shuii.humidifier.jsq001
    See supported devices section for more details.
    updateInterval Device values update interval in seconds. This value affects how often data (humidity, temperature, etc.) from the device is updated. 30
    disabled Disable the devices. Can be used to temporary hide the device when it is not required without removing it from config. false
    autoSwitchToHumidityMode Automatically switches mode to "humidity" when target humidity is changed. Affects models:
    - zhimi.humidifier.{ca1,cb1,ca4}
    - deerma.humidifier.{mjjsq,jsq1,jsq001,jsqs,jsq3,jsq4,jsq5}
    disableTargetHumidity Disables ability to control target humidity. In this case long press on device in Home.app will allow to control fan speed instead of target humidity. false
    ledBulb.enabled Enables additional light bulb accessory which allows to control LED lights. false
    ledBulb.name Name of LED lightbulb. This will appear in your Home app. "Humidifier LED"
    buzzerSwitch.enabled Enables additional switch accessory which allows to control buzzer. false
    buzzerSwitch.name Name of buzzer switch. This will appear in your Home app. "Humidifier Buzzer"
    temperatureSensor.enabled Enables additional temperature sensor accessory. false
    temperatureSensor.name Name of temperature sensor. This will appear in your Home app. "Humidifier Temperature"
    humiditySensor.enabled Enables additional humidity sensor accessory. false
    humiditySensor.name Name of humidity sensor. This will appear in your Home app. "Humidifier Humidity"
    cleanModeSwitch.enabled Enables additional switch accessory which allows to control clean mode (only for zhimi.humidifier.ca4). false
    cleanModeSwitch.name Name of clean mode switch. This will appear in your Home app. "Humidifier Clean Mode"

    Supported devices

    Smartmi Humidifier

    Model: zhimi.humidifier.v1

    Model №: CJJSQ01ZM

    Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier

    Model: zhimi.humidifier.ca1 / zhimi.humidifier.cb1

    Model №: CJXJSQ02ZM, SKV6001EU

    Smartmi Evaporative Humidifier 2

    Model: zhimi.humidifier.ca4

    Model №: CJXJSQ04ZM

    Zero Fog Humidifier

    Model: shuii.humidifier.jsq001

    Model №: DWZF(G)-2100Z

    Mijia Smart Sterilization Humidifier (S)

    Model: deerma.humidifier.mjjsq / deerma.humidifier.jsq001

    Model №: SCK0A45, ZNJSQ01DEM, MJJSQ03DY

    Mijia Pure Smart Humidifier

    Model: deerma.humidifier.jsq4

    Model №: CJSJSQ01DY


    npm i homebridge-mi-humidifier

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