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Homebridge Plugin for NodeMCU Based ws2812/sm16703p led strip controller for RGB+W led strips

NOTICE: I'm in the process of deprecating my usage of this plugin.

And in the process of migrating all my devices to the Tasmota firmware and the homebridge-tasmota plugin. With the transition I'm not changing my devices, just flashing them with Tasmota.

If someone wants to take over ownership of this codebase and repository, please let me know.


Table of Contents

Design Concept

  • Realtime device communications via WebSockets, and device discovery via mDNS
  • Nodemcu creates a websocket server
  • Nodemcu advertises websocket server onto network via mDNS
  • Plugin discovers server by watching for mDNS advertisement
  • NodeMCU sends message to plugin containing device config
  • Plugin creates HK accessory for device ( Have ability to alias sensor name in config.json )
  • Nodemcu sends device state changes in realtime to plugin via WebSockets
  • OTA nodeMCU provisioning

Backlog and Roadmap

Backlog - plugin

  • Migrate from mDNS to bonjour
  • Plugin has a circular json issue in accessory, likely timeout
  • After reboot of the device, socket connection does not re-establish
  • Implement websocket ping
  • Websocket socket level events in Plugin
  • Not responding for closed socket
  • Handle device not turned on
  • Identify method and reset button needs rework
  • Complete plugin documentation
  • Aliases don't appear to work
  • Add a Christmas button to rotate thru primary colors

Backlog - nodemcu

  • OTA nodeMCU code provisioning
  • Initial lua code load via script
  • Websocket socket level events in NodeMCU
  • NodeMCU Memory leak from closed socket connections
  • Implement websocket pong
  • Program second button to flip primary colors
  • Remove excessive prints in nodeMCU code
  • Watchdog timer, what should it do - Reset after 5 minutes without HB connection
  • What should the LED's do in a power cycle?
  • Get a case with push button's
  • Create schematic for nodeMCU
  • Create layout for perfboard
  • Power nodemcu with DC-DC Step down from the 24V power supply
  • Create a board level layout to use on a perf board
  • Construct production unit
  • Complete nodemcu documentation
  • Power off LED strip via MOSFET -- Not possible
  • Revisit perfboard layout, break perf board between nodemcu and output section, and rotate output section 90 degrees
  • Build 3 more units cottage porch lights, xmas 1 and xmas 2


  • Collapse the OTA Update server to nodeJS

Supported configurations/devices

  • Costco LED Strip - Intertek 4005244 - This strip is based on the sm16703p LED controller chip

Installation - homebridge-mculed

sudo npm install -g homebridge-mculed

Configuration - homebridge-mculed

    "platform": "mculed",
    "name": "mculed",
    "aliases": {
      "NODE-AC5812": "Kitchen Sink"
  • aliases - Friendly names for your sensor's

Provisioning/Configuration - NodeMCU

See README in lua directory

API Documentation


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