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homebridge-livebox-info is homebridge plugin for Apple HomeKit, get and return somes Orange Livebox informations.

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Such as :

  • Speed Downstream (Mbit)
  • Speed Upstream (Mbit)
  • Uptime
  • SoftwareVersion
  • ExternalIPAddress
  • IPv4Address
  • IPv6Address
  • Phone Number
  • Phone State
  • TV State
  • WifiState

Exemple of .json data response file

   "updateTime":"Sat 28 Sep 2019 18:25:25 CEST",
   "LastChange":"Sat Sep 21 14:36:22 2019",


  • Install Homebrew (Homebrew installs the stuff you need that Apple didn’t)
  • Install node.js on macOS
  • Install Homebridge on macOS
  • Install Homebridge Config UI X on macOS (optional)
  • Install Eve.app on iOS (for all availables plugin function), or it's possible to used "Home" app on macOS (only avalable for macOS Majave) or iOS (all plugin function aren't availables on this app !)
  • Install Python 3 & pip3 on macOS


Used npm tool to install homebridge-livebox-info, and execute the command line below

npm i homebridge-livebox-info


STEP 1 : homebridge config.json file

Add this lines in config.json

            "accessory": "OrangeLiveboxInfo",
            "name": "Orange Livebox Info",
            "file": "/tmp/_homebridge-livebox-info.json",
            "serial": "042-04-000",
            "updateInterval": 60000
Parameter Note Optionnal value
accessory Name of accessory No LiveboxInfo
name a human-readable name for your plugin No Livebox Info
file .json respons file yes default : /tmp/_homebridge-livebox-info.json
updateInterval is time in ms of data update yes default : null

1. The index.js call <PATH of Node Module>/homebridge-macosx-info/sh/homebridge-livebox-info.sh shell script. You can find this script in the repository in /src/sh directory
2. It's possible that you can change the path of homebridge-livebox-info.sh in readUptime function on index.js script

async function readUptime() {
    const exec = require('child_process').exec;
    var script = await exec('/usr/local/lib/node_modules/homebridge-macosx-info/src/sh/homebridge-livebox-info.sh',
        (error, stdout, stderr) => {
            if (error !== null) {
                //this.log("exec error: " + ${error});

STEP 2 : Adapte homebridge-livebox-info.sh file in src/sh directory

  • You can change path of temporary .json files : JSON_DATA_FILE variable
#~ @(#) Name : homebridge-livebox-info.sh 
#~ @(#) Desc : Persist in file the livebox sys infrmation needed by "homebridge-livebox-info" Homebridge/HomeKit plugin 
#~ @(#) version : 1.0 
# Auteur : adm@di-marco.net 
# Date : 2019-09-28 
# Version history 
#   v1.O - Initial version - Test and work on : mac mini (late 2014) 10.13.6 (High Sierra) & livebox v4 
#~ Usage : homebridge-livebox-info.sh 
DIR=$(dirname $0)
JSON_DATA_FILE=$TMP_DIR/_homebridge-livebox-info.json # path of .json respons file  
function livebox_mon()
  $DIR/lbx_sysbus.py -dslrate > $TMP_DIR/$TMP_DSLRATE
  $DIR/lbx_sysbus.py -info >> $TMP_DIR/$TMP_DSLRATE
  $DIR/lbx_sysbus.py -phonestate > $TMP_DIR/$TMP_PHONESTATE
  $DIR/lbx_sysbus.py -tvstate > $TMP_DIR/$TMP_TVSTATE
  $DIR/lbx_sysbus.py -wifistate > $TMP_DIR/$TMP_WIFISTATE
  while read line; do
    read -a fields <<< $line ;
    key=${line/%: *} ; key=$(echo "$key" | perl -pe 's/^ *| *$//g') 
    value=${line#*\:} ; value=${value:1} ; value=$(echo "$value" | perl -pe 's/^ *| *$//g') 
    if [[ "${key}" == "Upstream" || "${key}" == "Downstream" ]]
      value=${value% *}
    if [ "${key}" == "UpTime" ]
      value=${value% (*} ; value=${value// /}
  phonestate=`cat $TMP_DIR/$TMP_PHONESTATE | grep "'status'" | grep -v "{'status':"`
  phonestate=${phonestate#*\'status\':} ; phonestate=${phonestate// /} ; phonestate=${phonestate//\'/} ; phonestate=${phonestate/%,}
  tvstate=`cat $TMP_DIR/$TMP_TVSTATE | grep "'IPTVStatus'"`
  tvstate=${tvstate#*\'IPTVStatus\':} ; tvstate=${tvstate// /} ; tvstate=${tvstate%\},*; tvstate=${tvstate//\'/} 
  wifistate=`cat $TMP_DIR/$TMP_WIFISTATE | grep "'Status'"`
  wifistate=${wifistate#*\'Status\':} ; wifistate=${wifistate// /} ; wifistate=${wifistate//\'/} ; wifistate=${wifistate//\}/}
  echo $response > $JSON_DATA_FILE

STEP 3 : Install & configure lbx_sysbus.py file in src/sh directory

lbx_sysbus.py is a Python 3 script that allows you to programmatically control a Livebox and explore control possibilities and other hidden information. It is an "experimental" tool.

  1. The script is written in Python 3. It also requires requests which greatly simplifies HTTP requests.
$  pip3 install requests 
  1. Now you must change/adapt the variables to connect on Orange Livebox : URL_LIVEBOX, USER_LIVEBOX, PASSWORD_LIVEBOX and VERSION_LIVEBOX
URL_LIVEBOX = '<url of livebox interface configuration>' #example 
USER_LIVEBOX = '<user admin>' #example admin 
PASSWORD_LIVEBOX = '<user admin pwd>' #example p@ssw0rd 
VERSION_LIVEBOX = '<LiveBox version>' #example lb4 

It will also install the Graphviz engine. On OSX we can use brew. On Linux, sudo apt-get install graphviz or equivalent depending on the distribution.

STEP 4 : restart homebridge

Combine the two commands in a terminal to restart homebridge background process

  • launchctl unload ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.homebridge.server.plist
  • launchctl load ~/Library/LaunchAgents/com.homebridge.server.plist

Note: This commands are only avalable for macOS


Known bugs



I'm furnishing this software "as is". I do not provide any warranty of the item whatsoever, whether express, implied, or statutory, including, but not limited to, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose or any warranty that the contents of the item will be error-free. The development of this module is not supported by Apple Inc. or eve. These vendors and me are not responsible for direct, indirect, incidental or consequential damages resulting from any defect, error or failure to perform.


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details

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