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    Homebridge Lib

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    Library for Homebridge Plugins

    Copyright © 2018-2022 Erik Baauw. All rights reserved.

    While developing a number of Homebridge plugins, I find myself duplicating a lot of code. The idea behind this library is to ease developing and maintaining Homebridge plugins by separating this generic code, dealing with HomeKit and Homebridge, from the specific code, dealing with the actual devices being exposed to HomeKit.


    The documentation, how to develop a plugin using Homebridge Lib, is provided in the code and through tutorials in the doc directory. To generate the documentation, install jsdoc and run jsdoc -c jsdoc.json. To view the documentation, open index.html in the out directory.

    See Homebridge WS for an example plugin based on Homebridge Lib.

    Command-Line Tools

    The Homebridge Lib library comes with a number of command-line tools for troubleshooting Homebridge installations.

    Tool Description
    hap Logger for HomeKit accessory announcements.
    json JSON formatter.
    sysinfo Print hardware and operating system information.
    upnp UPnP tool.

    Each command-line tool takes a -h or --help argument to provide a brief overview of its functionality and command-line arguments.


    This library is not a Homebridge plugin and does not need to be installed manually. Instead, Homebridge plugins using this library should list it as a dependency in their package.json. This way, npm installs Homebridge Lib automatically when installing the actual plugin.

    To install the command-line tools, use:

    $ sudo npm -g i homebridge-lib

    This creates symlinks to these tools in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin (depending on how you installed NodeJS). Note that, when Homebridge Lib is installed like this, Homebridge might issue a warning at startup:

    Plugin /usr/lib/node_modules/homebridge-lib package.json does not contain the keyword 'homebridge-plugin'

    This warning can be ignored safely.


    The logic for handling Eve history was copied from Simone Tisa's fakegato-history repository, copyright © 2017 simont77.


    Homebridge Lib is a hobby project of mine, provided as-is, with no warranty whatsoever. I've been running it successfully at my home for years, but your mileage might vary.


    npm i homebridge-lib

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