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    This plugin exposes your laundrify Power Plugs to Apple HomeKit using Homebridge.

    Getting Started

    To get started you need to

    1. Install the Plugin
    2. Obtain an AuthCode in the laundrify-App
    3. Configure the Plugin

    1) Installation

    The Plugin can either be installed using the Homebridge UI or via CLI.

    ⚠️ Please make sure you are using the correct Plugin (laundrify-official) since there is another one (homebridge-laundrify authored by @ttimpe).

    Homebridge UI

    Open Homebridge UI, navigate to the Plugins page and search for laundrify-official. Click on Install


    sudo npm i -g homebridge-laundrify-official

    2) Obtain AuthCode

    Open the laundrify App and activate the Homebridge integration. Take note of the AuthCode that will be shown after the activation.

    3) Configure the Plugin

    Add (or extend) the platforms property in your Homebridge configuration as shown below:

      "bridge": {...},
      "platforms": [
          "platform": "laundrify",
          "authCode": "xxx-xxx",
          "invertStatus": false,

    Replace xxx-xxx with the Auth Code that has been obtained in the previous step.

    By default the ContactSensor states are mapped to the laundrify states as follows:

    • OPEN => Off
    • CLOSED => On

    Since HomeKit will hide closed ContactSensors from the overview, you can invert the status mapping by setting invertStatus to true.

    Don't forget to restart Homebridge after saving the configuration.

    Plugin Development

    • Install dependencies using npm i
    • Build and link the Plugin
      • using npm run watch for automatic builds
      • or npm run build && npm link for a manual build
    • Publish Package using npm publish (don't forget to update the version number in package[-lock].json)


    npm i homebridge-laundrify-official

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