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    This Homebridge plugin allow the control of HomeWizard Lite switches (also known as flamingo switches).

    To install this plugin simple type sudo npm install homebridge-homewizard-flamingo -g --unsafe-perm=true. Next open the config.json that contains your Homebridge configuration and add a block like the following one to the platforms array:

        "platform": "HomeWizard-Lite",
        "name": "display-name",
        "room": "room-name",
        "username": "user@domain.tld",
        "password": "password",
        "hubs": ["test-hub-name-1", "test-hub-name-2"],
        "delay": "delay-in-milliseconds",
        "retries": "number-of-retries"

    The platform name has to be HomeWizard-Lite to link to the plugin.
    The name and room fields are for the display name and room name inside of the HomeKit app.
    The username and password fields are your HomeWizard login credentials.
    The hubz field is the array with the names given in the HomeWizard app to the hubs.
    The delay and retries fields specify the initial delay between the calls and the amount of retries to the HomeWizard API should any of the calls fail.
    Each subsequent call will double the previous delay up to the maximum amount of retries specified. A 1000 milliseconds and 5 retries are a good default.

    All the switches under each hub are automatically enumerated and added as accessories.
    Each switch will be available as a separate accessory in the Home app.

    Because these switches do not report their current on/off state it is important that they are in the off state when you start to use them with the HomeKit app. All on/off state is kept in the Homebridge plugin.

    Tested with:

    • Flamingo SF-501SHCFR - Smart switch
      Smart switch
    • Smartwares SH5-GW-T-F - Smart switch
      Smart switch
    • Flamingo SF-501FR - Switch set with remote control
      Switch set


    npm i homebridge-homewizard-flamingo

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