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Plugin for the homebridge Apple iOS Homekit support application to support integration with the Homeseer V3 software

Based on and includes code from hap-nodejs and homebridge-legacy-plugins


Linux (Ubuntu/Debian based)

  1. sudo npm install homebridge -g
  2. sudo npm install homebridge-homeseer-plugin -g


  1. Follow these instructions for homebridge Installation
  2. Run npm install homebridge-homeseer-plugin from the homebridge-homeseer directory


Platform options

"platform": "HomeSeer",             // Required 
"name": "HomeSeer",                 // Required 
"host": "http://yourserver",        // Required - If you did setup HomeSeer authentication, use "http://user:password@ip_address:port" 
"poll" : 60                         // Optional - Default polling rate in seconds to check for changed device status 

All Accessories options

"ref":8,                            // Required - HomeSeer Device Reference (To get it, select the HS Device - then Advanced Tab)  
"type":"Lightbulb",                 // Optional - Lightbulb is the default 
"name":"My Light",                  // Optional - HomeSeer device name is the default 
"uuid_base":"SomeUniqueId2"         // Optional - HomeKit identifier will be derived from this parameter instead of the name. You SHOULD add this parameter to all accessories ! 
"poll" : 60,                        // Optional - Override default polling rate in seconds to check for changed device status 
"statusUpdateCount" : 10            // Optional - Override the number of times that the device is checked for a status change after its value is updated. Checks occur every 1 second. 

See index.js for full configuration information or config.js for sample configuration


The original HomeBridge plugin that this was based on was done by Jean-Michel Joudrier and posted to the Homeseer forums.

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