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A Homebridge plugin for the Amazon Dash Button.

This plugin integrates with Homebridge to create a switch that can automate other accessories and platforms.



  1. Ensure libpcap-dev is installed on your system
  2. Ensure you know the MAC address of the button you wish to listen to


Installation is via npm.

npm install -g homebridge-dash

If you encounter an error you may need to run the following command instead.

sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge

Config + Running

Check the config-sample.json for an example on how to configure the plugin. You can configure as many buttons as you wish.

Homebridge must be run with elevated privileges to work correctly i.e. sudo or root.


If this freezes the wlan on your Raspberry Pi you may need to use a different Wi-Fi dongle. I've had success with this one.