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    Compatibility Note

    In order for this plugin to function, you must have the Homebridge driver from Varietas Software installed in your Control4 project. You can purchase it from HouseLogix or directly from Varietas Software.


    Supports bidirectional communication with a Control4 project on the HomeBridge Platform. Currently supports native Control4 lights, dimmers, contact switches, garage door openers, ceiling fans (connected to switch), fan speed controllers, blinds, motion sensors, locks, and security systems.


    1. Install homebridge using: npm install -g homebridge
    2. Install homebridge-control4 using: npm install -g homebridge-control4
    3. Update your configuration file. See sample-config.json in this repository for a sample.


    The configuration for compatible control4 devices will be automatically output by the Varietas Software Control4 homebridge driver. See documentation with that driver for details.

    Configuration sample:

    "accessories": [ 
     "name":"Kitchen Lights",


    npm i homebridge-control4

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