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A Cisco Wireless LAN Controller plugin for Homebridge.


The purpose of this code is to create a Homebridge plugin to allow a wireless administrator to enable or disable a WLAN through a Light Switch control in Apple’s homekit or through Siri.

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Intended Audience

This code was originally designed for my personal use at home, to allow me to toggle my guest wireless network on and off as needed. This example could be helpful for those who are:

  • Wishing to learn how to use RESTCONF
  • Considering methods of automating configuration changes on the C9800 WLC
  • Interested in integrating Cisco gear into their home automation

How This Code Works

This NodeJS code will accomplish the following tasks:

  1. Creates a parent container accessory in Homebridge, to be shared with Apple homekit - one per WLC
  2. Creates a set of child Light Switch accessories in Homebridge, to be shared with Apple homekit - one per WLAN
  3. Exposes two functions to Homebridge – one to interrogate the WLAN status, the other to set the status
  4. Provides any error back to Homebridge for logging

Installation Steps

Run these commands:

sudo npm install -g homebridge
sudo npm install -g homebridge-c9800

NOTE: If you install homebridge like this:

sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge

Then all subsequent plugin installations must be like this:

sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge-c9800


Example platform config (needs to be added to the homebridge config.json):

  "platforms": [
      "name": "Platform C9800",
      "timeout": 10000,
      "refreshInterval": 15,
      "debug": false;
      "wlcs": [
          "displayName": "Building 1 WLC",
          "ipAddress": "",
          "username": "admin",
          "password": "password"
          "displayName": "Building 2 WLC",
          "ipAddress": "",
          "username": "admin",
          "password": "password"
      "platform": "Cisco 9800"

Config Explanation:

Field Description
platform (required) Must always be "Cisco 9800".
name (required) The internal name you want to use for the platform within Homebridge.
timeout (optional) The timeout duration in ms for the web API calls.
refreshInterval (optional) The refresh interval in minutes for polling the WiFi status.
debug (optional) Enables additional logging.
displayName (required) The name you want to show for the WLC in homekit.
ipAddress (required) The IP address of the WLC (should be static, not DHCP).
username (required) The username used to access the WLC.
password (required) The password used to access the WLC.

To make your WLC work with the plugin:

  1. Connect your WLC to your network.
  2. Configure your WLC.
  3. Configure "aaa authorization exec default local" or equivalent on your WLC.
  4. Enable restconf on the WLC.
  5. Write down the IP address of the WLC.
  6. Create your config file according to the above example (or using the Homebridge UI).


  1. What is the purpose of each file?
    • index.js - Contains the NodeJS Homebridge plugin registration
    • c9800platform.js - Contains the NodeJS Homebridge plugin code for the creating the WLC containers and instantiating the WLAN LightSwitches
    • c9800platformAccessory.js - Contains the NodeJS Homebridge plugin code for the WLAN LightSwitches
    • config.schema.json - Contains the schema to allow configuration of the plugin through the Homebridge UI
  2. Does this code use NETCONF, RESTCONF, or both?
    • This code leverages RESTCONF APIs and YANG data models only. NETCONF is not used.
  3. How do I enable RESTCONF on my Catalyst 9800 WLC?
    • From a command prompt, type:
      WLC(config)# restconf
    • More information can be found here
  4. How do I properly modify the Homebridge config.json file with the appropriate information?
    • See the config explanation section above.
  5. Will this work with my model of Wireless LAN Controller?
    • This was tested to work with the Cisco Catalyst 9800CL. It should work with any other model of Cisco Catalyst 9800.
    • This has also been tested on the Cisco Embedded Wireless LAN Controller on the C9100-series access points.

More information

Check out https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge for more information about Homebridge.

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