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    Homebridge Plugin for the control AUX-family Air Conditioners based on Broadlink Wi-Fi module (AC Freedom app).


    • Most of the original app's methods are supported.
    • Works via LAN, no need internet connection.
    • Very fast operation speed.
    • Feedback is supported.


    1. Install Homebridge using the official instructions.
    2. Install this plugin using sudo npm install -g homebridge-broadlink-heater-cooler --unsafe-perm.
    3. Update your configuration file. See configuration sample below.


    Edit your config.json accordingly. Configuration sample:

        "bridge": {
            "name": "Homebridge 9184",
            "username": "00:00:00:00:00:00",
            "port": 99999,
            "pin": "111-111-111"
        "accessories": [
                "accessory": "AirCondionerAccessory",
                "ip": "",
                "mac": "AA:BB:CC:DD:EE:FF",
                "name": "AirCon",
                "increments": 1,
                "display": true,
                "health": true,
                "clean": true,
                "mildew": true,
                "sleep": true,
                "auto": true,
                "swing": 3
        "platforms": []
    Fields Description Required Default value
    ip Air Conditioner IP address in IPv4. Make sure it is static. Yes
    mac Air Conditioner MAC address. Yes
    increments Temperature set step. No 0,5
    display Show Display button for turn on/off display No false
    health Show Health button for turn on/off health mode. No false
    clean Show Clean button for turn on/off clean mode. No false
    mildew Show Mildew button for turn on/off mildew mode. No false
    sleep Show Sleep button for turn on/off sleep mode. No false
    auto Show Auto button for set Air Conditioner auto fan speed. No false
    swing Swing 1 - only horizontal, 2 - only vertical, 3 - both. No 3
    Fanspeed AC equivalent
    1 - 19 mute
    20 - 39 low
    40 - 59 medium
    60 - 79 high
    80 - 100 turbo


    Remember that this is not a commercial product, but the result of free labor.

    • If you need help using this plugin, open an issue here on GitHub. The more detail the better!
    • If you found a bug, open an issue here on GitHub. The more detail the better!
    • If you want to contribute, submit a pull request.
    • If you have suggestions for improvement, you are welcome.


    npm i homebridge-broadlink-heater-cooler

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