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Bond plug-in for Homebridge using the Bond V2 API.


This plugin currently supports the following devices and features:

  • Multiple Bonds
  • Supported Devices
    • Ceiling Fan
      • Light on/off
      • Up/Down light
      • Fan Speeds 1-8 (dynamic based on bond configuration)
      • Light Dimming
    • Blinds
      • Open / Close
    • Generic Device
      • On / Off (appears as switch in HomeKit)
    • Fireplace
      • Flame On / Off (appears as switch in HomeKit)

You can view the backlog of features here. Feel free to add a feature request in the Issues tab!


Bond Parameters

Option Required Explanation
ip_address true To get your Bond IP Address, follow the instructions here.
token true This can be found in the Bond app in your Bond Settings. Scroll down until you see Local Token. You can tap on the row to copy to your clipboard.
hide_device_ids false Array of device ids to ignore (i.e. ["1111", "2222"])

Easiest Configuration

For the best experience setting up this plugin, please use homebridge-config-ui-x.

HOOBS Configuration

In HOOBS, you need to provide the bonds (optionally, turn on opt-in features):

        "ip_address": "<IP_ADDRESS>",
        "token": "<TOKEN>",
        "hide_device_ids": ["123456"]

Example Config in HOOBS:


Basic Configuration

Assuming a global installation of homebridge, install the plugin:

npm i -g homebridge-bond

Add the Bond platform in your homebridge config.json file:

"platforms": [
        "platform": "Bond",
        "bonds": [
                "ip_address": "<IP_ADDRESS>",
                "token": "<TOKEN>"

NOTE: If you have a "Smart by BOND" fan/device, you will need to add a Bond in the config for each fan/device.

Optional Platform Parameters

Option Default Explanation
include_dimmer false If dimming is a valid action on a device, it will be included as additional switch on the accessory. When using this feature, turn the switch on to start dimming. When you reach the brightness level you would like, turn the switch off.
fan_speed_values false Use fan speed values instead of percentages (i.e. Hey Siri set the Office Fan to 2)
include_toggle_state false This will add a switch to single-action accessories to toggle the state (i.e. Shades, Fireplace, Generic, Lights). Fan speeds are not eligible for this option.


I'm more than happy to take PRs if you want to fix a bug you are having or take a shot at adding a new feature you're interested in. To compile the code in realtime, run:

npm run dev

To use the local version of the plugin in homebridge, I run npm link in the directory of the cloned repo.


If you have general questions about usage, please use the Discussions tab! If you are unsure if a problem you are having is actually a bug/issue with the plugin, that is a great place to start 😄.

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