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Homebridge Plug-In for Deltran Battery Monitor Tender

A Homebridge plug-in to integrate the Deltran Battery Monitor Tender (https://www.batterytender.com/battery-tender-wireless-battery-monitor_2) into Homebridge. This module exposed monitor as an outlet. With outlet changing state to indicate voltage drop level and battery indicator for percentage of charge. This module also uses Eve Home volt attribute to report voltage.


  • This module has only been tested with Deltran Battery Tender® Wireless Battery Monitor.
  • The Battery Tender Monitor only checks-in a few time a day. This not realtime monitor, rather gives the user insight to current charge level of battery level in Homekit.

Configuration options

Attributes Description
Email Email associated with Battery Tender. This is a required value.
password Battery Tender password. This is a required value.
deviceRefresh Polling interval to obtain status of Flo devices, provide in hours. Default to each hour.
batteryWarning Battery Tender level to indicated when battery warning icon level is display in HomeKit. Default to 30, this is an optional value.
switchAutoOn The outlet will automated turn-on to indicate the monitored battery has drop and need to be charge. Default to 11.99 volts, this is an optional value.
switchStateReverse Reverse the outlet on and off state. The setting will result On when battery is above monitor voltage state and Off when the value drop below voltage. Default to false, this is an optional value.
excludedDevices Devices to suppress from HomeKit. This is an optional value.

Example configuration is below.


"platforms": [
  "name": "BatteryTender",
  "auth": {
    "email": "<email address>",
    "password": "<password>"
  "deviceRefresh": 1,
  "batteryWarning": 30,
  "switchAutoOn": "11.99",
  "switchStateReverse": false,
  "platform": "BatteryTender"

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