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Holy Ghost

(a fork of Jesus by deoxxa)

Resurrect processes if they die.


Holy Ghost is a simple-ish process management tool. It's designed to be very light, while still providing functions enough to be automated if necessary. To that end, it only runs a single process to monitor all your stuff. It can be exposed via a unix socket (default) or an actual network interface for automation.


Available via npm:


$ npm install holyghost -g

Or via git:

$ npm install git:// -g


To start a monitoring server

❯ holyghost listen [log]

Where log is a file location for logging. If not supplied, logging will go to stdout by default. Note that listen does not daemonise the process. You should use daemon in place of listen to do that.


❯ holyghost listen


❯ holyghost listen ~/.jesus/jesus.log


❯ holyghost daemon ~/.jesus/jesus.log

To start a process

❯ holyghost start <id> <command> [arguments]

id is a string. It tells Jesus how to identify your process to you. The command and argument bits are basically just the rest of your command.


❯ holyghost start nc.1 nc -l -p 8001

To stop a process

❯ holyghost stop <id>

Pretty simple. Does what it says on the tin.

To stop all processes

❯ holyghost stopall

Stops everything that's running.

To restart a process

❯ holyghost restart <id>

Same as stop for the most part. Self-explanatory.

To restart all processes

❯ holyghost restartall

Much the same as stopall, but does a restart instead.

To list processes

❯ holyghost list

This'll give you a nice list of processes that are running, and some limited statistics.


3-clause BSD. A copy is included with the source.