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A simple caching utility for Node.js


$ npm install holder


var holder = require('holder');
var cache = new holder.MemoryCache();'foo', 'bar');
cache.lookup('foo');  // "bar" 

Cache Types

There are 3 built-in cache types: NullCache, MemoryCache, and FileCache. The first one, NullCache, is a fake cache that doesn't actually cache anything, useful for testing purposes. MemoryCache simply stores your data in Node.js memory. FileCache store your stuff in files on the disk, useful when you don't want use up your memory or if you don't want to lose your cache if your application dies.


There is also a base class Cache that has the interface for a cache class. By inheriting from this class you can create your cache types.

holder.RedisCache = function() {;
holder.RedisCache.prototype = new holder.Cache();
holder.RedisCache.prototype.lookup = function(key, callback) {
    // ... 
}; = function(key, value, callback) {
    // ... 
holder.RedisCache.prototype.remove = function(key, callback) {
    // ...