hogan-js template middleware and render function


Yet another hogan.js(moustache templates) middleware. Can render templates with partials serverside or precompile them for use on the client. The templates are compiled, cached and updated when the file changes.

    var hoganyam = require('hoganyam');
    app.use(hoganyam.provide(templatesDir, options))
    hoganyam.render(file, context, options, function(errstr) {
        // do something with the rendered template string 

Use as broadway plugin for flatiron

    app.use(hoganyam.plugin, {dir: viewsDir, ext: '.html'});
    // now you can render directly to the response 
    app.render(res, 'templatename', { title: 'Hello Hogan'});

For options see source

MIT License

npm install hoganyam
npm test