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A dust.js view engine for express.


Hoffman is installable via npm

npm i hoffman

Inside app.js

var hoffman = require('hoffman');
app.set('views', path.join(__dirname, 'templates')); // path to your templates
app.set('view engine', 'dust');
app.engine('dust', hoffman.__express());
// works with caching
app.set('view cache', true);
// optionally load all templates into dust cache on server start, function(err) {
  // views are loaded


Reference templates by name, without extension.

Inside a route:

res.render('index', {"planet" : "world"});

Inside of a template:

hello {>partial/}

All references are from the root of the views directory. Regardless of where the host template resides.


Hoffman supports streaming the response, by augmenting the response object via middleware:


You can then call instead of res.render. If you pass a callback, you will recieve the stream object back to do with what you want, otherwise content will be streamed via res.write() as chunks of the template are rendered. See the stream method code for more details.

Cache Priming

With view cache set to true, templates will be cached in memory the first time they are read off disk.

With all templates inside of the view directory will be read into memeory on server start, meaning no first disk access after the server has started.


Hoffman comes with unit tests, code coverage reports, and jshint linting, run via:

npm test