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Conformance testing for less

  • dead code duplication
  • multiple global variable declaration
  • warn against global variables in files other than variable definition files
  • nesting level - 1 max (to allow variable scoping—in which it is debateable that the closure should contain any output—. level should be configurable to allow media queries and pseudo-classes inside a scope)
  • mixins only for utility classes, single use
  • selector naming conventions
  • single component per file
  • never use ID styling
  • enforce color units (e.g. only rgba allowed, or only from a specific variable definition file)
  • multiple rules should live on new lines
  • use is i.e. .Component--is-disabled instead of .Component-disabled
  • is classes always scoped to a parent i.e. no bare .is-transitioning classes lying around, use .Component.is-transitioning instead
  • static analysis output
  • perf testing, load testing etc (probably out of scope for conformance)

Code duping

a {
    color: blue;
.some-other-selector {
    color: white;
a {
    color: green;
    cursor: pointer;

The anchor styling is duplicated, making the earlier selector unnecessary. In all likelihood this has been caused by importing from another file and is a developer error.

Variable definition files

Stuff like z-indexing, colors and font-weights should live in their own variable definition files (often called modules, where partials actually output css, modules do not). Variable definition files should probably not be allowed to output any css.


npm i ho-conformance

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