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HMHYR - Reading progress-bar component for React

Simple components for display reading progress, using .getBoundingClientRect() to calculate position relative to viewport


Live demo.


npm install hmhyr --save-dev


import HMHYR from 'hmhyr';
Option Type Default Description
area object { top: '20%', center: '50%', bottom: '60%' } Progress bar will display if target is in area limit by and area.bottom. is the point where counter start. All in percentage, relative to viewport, 1% = 1vh
style object Default styling. Use style because of CSS specificities problem. Recommended, default style is crap :(.
overlayStyle object Default styling. Style use for overlay bar
target string Either use target id to determine target or use HMHYR as wrapper of target.
timeCounter None If exist, progress bar will have a estimated read time.
static None. If exist, progress bar background will stay even if target outside valid area ,require style.height value being set.
title string None. Title for being display on progress-bar.


  • Add support for multiple target per component.
  • Built-in theme.
  • Write unit test.
  • Other position than 'fixed'.


HMHYR is available under MIT. See LICENSE for more details.