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hmac-streamBuild Status

A streaming hmac authenticator, the idea being for use in an 'Encrypt-then-MAC' (EtM) approach meaning you want a flow something like. Other similar ideas.

var hmacStream = require('hmac-stream')
var authenticator = new hmacStream.Authenticate('key');
var verifier = new hmacStream.Verify('key');

cipher and decipher can be any stream that needs to be authenticated.


  • take a key, aad, and MAX CHUNK SIZE
    • if aad is undefined default to an empty buffer
    • if key is less then 128 bits (aka 16 bytes) throw an error.
    • if MAX CHUNK SIZE is undefined default it to Infinity
  • create an 4 byte block of the aad length as a big endian 32 bit unsigned integers.
  • create an hmac for the aad and the previous block and emit it
  • increment the key by 1
  • for each chunk
    • if chunk is larger then MAX CHUNK SIZE split into chunks of MAX CHUNK SIZE or less
    • generate a header of 4 bytes
    • write the byte size of the chunk to the header
    • generate and emit an hmac for the header
    • emit the header
    • increment the key by 1
    • generate and emit an hmac for the data
    • emit the data
    • increment the key by 1
  • when done
    • emit an hmac and header for a chunk of size zero

To verify:

  • accept 2 arguments a key and an aad buffer.
    • if key is less then 128 bits (aka 16 bytes) throw an error.
    • if aad is undefined default to an empty buffer.
  • accept initial information
    • first 32 bytes of stream will be hmac for aad
    • create hmac of aad, add aad length as 32 bit BE buffer
    • verify against aad received
  • then
    • wait for 32 + 4 bytes this is the hmac plus chunk len
    • verify chunk length
      • if verifies set chunk length
      • else throw error
    • if chunk length is zero stream is ended
    • wait for 32 + chunk length
    • verify chunk
      • if verified emit chunk
      • else throw error

It should throw errors if

  • any data is modified
  • any data is omitted (even at the end)
  • pieces of data are swapped
  • pieces of data are duplicated
  • the aad is incorrect

It should allow streaming with no buffering and without an adversary being able to do a DDOS against you.


var hmacStream = require('hmac-stream');
hmacStream.Authenticate(key, aad, maxSize);
hmacStream.Verify(key, aad);
  • password: key must be at least 128 bits (16 bytes)
  • aad: any additional data to authenticate
  • maxSize: maximum size of a chunk, defaults to Infinity.


  • 0.0.0: first version
  • 0.1.0: lowered default chunk size.
  • 1.0.0: add end tag to guard against the last block being dropped
  • 2.0.0: added variable block sizes
  • 3.0.0: takes a key instead of a password, supports aad, treats end tags differently.
  • 4.0.0: chunk length is mac'd separately.
  • 4.0.2: fix dependencies to work better in the browser