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Scrape HKExnews share holdings page and output JSON data


Scrape HKExnews share holdings page and output JSON data.

HKExnews will return data for the previous day if the day requested is a public holiday.

If the period is greater than 30 calender days, weekly data for each Friday within the period will be used.

Note: Date object prototype will be extended by this package

npm install hkstock-holdings

See bin/hkstock-holdings.

var _result = {
    code,  // code of the stock 
    name,  // name of the stock 
    // period specified by user 
    // actual dates where data is retrieved 
    // this is a subset of the input peroid (minus public holidays) 
    series  // array with each element corresponding to data of one 
            // parti over the period, filling missing records and have 
            // some statistics computed, suitable for plotting 

user field can be taken as the time spent by this (and under-lying) modules

time ./bin/hkstock-holdings 1 -t 1m -e 2014-01-31 -j
real    0m8.275s
user    0m2.512s
sys     0m0.288s
time ./bin/hkstock-holdings 700 -t 1m -e 2014-01-31 -j
real    0m8.108s
user    0m2.360s
sys     0m0.196s
time ./bin/hkstock-holdings 1 -t 1m -e 2014-01-31 -j
real    0m7.342s
user    0m2.188s
sys     0m0.164s
time ./bin/hkstock-holdings 700 -t 1m -e 2014-01-31 -j
real    0m5.460s
user    0m2.124s
sys    0m0.184s