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hk-manifest is an hk plugin for creating app.json files.

When you run it, it looks in the current directory for clues about the app, such a .git directory, a package.json, or a heroku git remote, and uses those to set sensible defaults for your app.json manifest


hk-manifest is a node module. If you need node, download the installer from

hk-manifest is a command line interface, so it should be installed globally with the -g or --global flag.

To work as an hk plugin, hk-manifest symlinks itself to /usr/local/lib/hk/plugin/.

npm install hk-manifest --global


Run hk manifest in some directory.

cd my-cool-project
hk manifest

You'll see something like this:

small-sharp-tool $ hk manifest
Give your app a unique, URL-friendly name. (small-sharp-tool)
In just a few words, what is it? It does one thing, and does it well.
Enter some keywords, separated by commas. unix, microservice, http
What's the source URL? It can be a git(hub) URL or a tarball.
If there's a website about this app, what is its URL?
  "name": "small-sharp-tool",
  "description": "It does one thing, and does it well.",
  "keywords": [
  "urls": {
    "source": "",
    "website": ""
Created app.json


To use your locally cloned copy of hk-manifest on the command line:

cd my/fork/of/hk-manifest
npm link

To remove any npm installed or npm linked instance:

npm remove hk-manifest -g