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from https://github.com/hiagodotme/gpix removed nodejs dependencies to be used in browsers


GPIX is a library that facilitates the generation of dynamic and static br-codes for the central bank of Brazil PIX arrangement.

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How to use

First install the library:

npm i gpix

Then start with PIX.static() or PIX.dinamic() and follow the examples below:

const { PIX } = require('gpix/dist');

// Example 01: BRCODE static with defined amount.
let pix = PIX.static()
    .setReceiverName('Hiago Silva Souza')
    .setReceiverCity('Rio Preto')
    .setReceiverZipCode('15082131') // optional
    .setIdentificator('123') // optional
    .setDescription('Donation with defined amount - GPIX') // optional
    .isUniqueTransaction(true) // optional
    .setAmount(5.0) // optional

console.log('\nDonation with defined amount - GPIX >>>>\n', pix.getBRCode())

// Example 02: Static BRCODE, with no defined amount (user types amount) and the defined identifier is 123
pix = PIX.static()
    .setReceiverName('Hiago Silva Souza')
    .setReceiverCity('Rio Preto')
    .setDescription('Donation without defined amount - GPIX') // optional

console.log('Donation without defined amount - GPIX >>>>\n', pix.getBRCode())

// Example 03: BRCODE dinamic
let dpix = PIX.dinamic()
    .setReceiverName('Minha Empresa LTDA')
    .setReceiverCity('Rio Preto')
    .setAmount(10.4) // some PSP are not recovering the amount through the charge. Then temporarily enter the amount to avoid problems.

console.log('\nBRCODE dinamic - GPIX >>>>\n', dpix.getBRCode());

// Generating QRCode in base64
(async () => {

    //console.log('QRCODE Static >>> ', await pix.getQRCode())
    //console.log('QRCODE Dinamic >>> ', await dpix.getQRCode())


// Saving QRCode to physical file
(async () => {

    pix.setDescription('Free Donation / QRCODE - GPIX') // optional

    if(await pix.saveQRCodeFile('./qrcode.png')) {
        console.log('success in saving static QR-code')
    } else {
        console.log('error saving QR-code')

Did this lib help you?

If this lib helped you feel free to make a donation =), it can be R$ 0.50 hahahaha. To do so, just read the qrcode below, it was generated with the lib sample file.

QRCode Doação


Hiago Silva Souza <hiasilva@gmail.com> | https://hiago.me/

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