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    build REST APIs faster than ever using the open source tools and standards you and your team already know.

    hiroki is an open source tool inspired by baucis.

    hiroki is fully compatible with mongoose 4 and 5.

    hiroki is written in ES6 standards.

    read the documentation here.

    Getting Started

    To install:

    npm install --save hiroki

    Create simple rest api:

    const express = require('express');
    const hiroki = require('hiroki');
    const app = express();
    const UsersSchema = new mongoose.Schema({name: String});
    mongoose.model('Users', UsersSchema);
    hiroki.rest('Users');//enable GET,PUT,POST & DELETE methods
    app.use(hiroki.build());//automatically use the route "/api"

    Build config:

    it is possible to change the route that hiroki uses

    const config = {path:'/api/v1'};


    • v0.2.7:
      • shareFormat & beforeShareEnd methods added to format share response.
      • Node v7 support removed.
      • docs for shared.
    • v0.2.5 fastUpdate option added. This enabled a faster way to update for higher performance.
    • v0.2.3 Critical bugfix: decorator error with delete method. Test added for cover that.
    • v0.2.2 Params $push and $pull working for PUT method. For doing this a custom Assign method was added to hiroki, because of that we made a benchmark test to measure this performance impact. Check it Here.
    • v0.2.0 Share Query path added. check the docs.
    • v0.1.3 MongooseConnector added, dependencies update no breaking changes. In future releases, new connectors would be added.
    • v0.1.2 Bugfix decorator for put route with :id as parameter
    • v0.1.1: Bugfix count with conditions error.
    • v0.1.0:
      • PUT request fire pre save hook in Mongoose Schema.
      • PUT update by condition only update one document.
      • findOneAndUpdate method removed from PUT request.
    • v0.0.9: Add support for new conditions format.
    ej: GET /api/users?conditions[active]=true
    • v0.0.8: fix general request function affect all routes. This type of decorators affected all the routes.
    controller.request((req,res,next) => {

    now it only affects the route of that collection


    npm i hiroki

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