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This module is deprecated (and, I guess, abandoned). If you need a simple terminal editor I recommend Nano or openemacs. If you need/want one written in Node for some reason, go with Slap.

Slightly hipper than Hipster.

  • Install: npm i -g hipper, then:
  • run hipper, as in hipper some-file.js

Why use this?

  • You're a dev who needs to ssh into a droplet and make a quick change.
  • You don't want to take the time to learn vi
  • Nano is ugly, has weird keybinds, and is disappearing from GNU.
  • Because I'm cool and you like me.

This is a fork of the awesome Hipster by Dominic Tarr.

Updated and modified to suit myself a little better. All credit goes to @dominictarr. Much of the README below is his, as well.

Contributing: please do! Syntax files are welcome. Anyone with regular expression skills, definitely welcome. Any other fixes or features, probably welcome.

If you're interested in improving highlighting or language support, check out the files under the highlight directory, and if you add a language, please also add it to plugins/highlight.js in your PR.



hipper filename [options]

--margin     # Set to N >= 2 for line numbers.
--page       # PageUp/Down jump size.
--version|-v # print version and exit
--weird      # enable weird backspace.
             # (if it deletes a whole word when you press backspace, enable this)

Hipper has simple controls.

  • Selection (Shift + Arrows)
  • Copy/Paste (sudo apt-get install xclip)

Hipper does not have:

  • Buffers (use dvtm or screen [tmux interferes with controls])
  • Undo (use git)
  • Friendly Warnings (deal with it)

hipper uses rc for configuration. This means you can have a ~/.hipperrc.


  • Arrows - Slow Movement.
  • Ctrl-Arrows - Fast Movement.
  • Shift-Movement - Select text
  • Ctrl-F - Search forwards for text
  • Ctrl-C - Copy
  • Ctrl-X - Cut
  • Ctrl-P,V - Paste
  • Tab - Indent (to selected lines)
  • Shift-Tab - Unindent (to selected lines)
  • Ctrl-R - Redraw Screen.
  • Ctrl-S - Save.
  • Ctrl-Q - Quit.


Some terminals interfere with modifier keys. xterm works well. If you use fancy terminals that have tabs and stuff then you may have trouble selecting text with key combinations like Ctrl-Shift-Up/Down.



This module depends on keypress, node-charm and colors.js (among some other things).

Known Issues

Doesn't wrap lines (just keep your lines short). Syntax highlighting is not great (try a keyword in a comment, for example).