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React Masonry Infinite

Very simple React.js component for masonry grid. Based on Bricks.js, React Infinite Scroller and React Masonry Layout.

Component is mostly suitable for static data, but can be used with dynamic with instance methods.


Demo page



Using NPM

  npm install --save react-masonry-infinite 

Using yarn

  yarn add react-masonry-infinite 

Basic example

import MasonryInfiniteScroller from 'react-masonry-infinite';
<MasonryInfiniteScroller hasMore={this.state.hasMore} loadMore={() => this.setState({ elements: this.state.elements.push("Element") })}>
        this.state.elements.map((el, index) =>
            <div key={index}/>


Props Type Default Description
className String '' CSS className for root element
pack Boolean false Flag to force pack on every update
packed String data-packed An attribute added to the grid items after they're positioned within the grid. If the attribute is not prefixed with data-, it will be added. See Bricks.js
sizes Array [{ columns: 1, gutter: 20 }, { mq: '768px', columns: 2, gutter: 20 }, { mq: '1024px', columns: 3, gutter: 20 }] An array of objects describing the grid's properties at different breakpoints. When defining your sizes, note the rules of Bricks.js
position Boolean true A Booleanean indicating that the grid items should be positioned using the top and left CSS properties.
style Object {} The inline style
pageStart Number 0 The page number corresponding to the initial items, defaults to 0 which means that for the first loading, loadMore will be called with 1
loadMore Function (pageToLoad) => {} This function is called when the user scrolls down and we need to load items
hasMore Boolean true Booleanean stating whether there are more items to be loaded. Event listeners are removed if false
loader DOMNode null Loader element to be displayed while loading items
threshold Number 250 The distance between the bottom of the page and the bottom of the window's viewport that triggers the loading of new items
useWindow DOMNode null Booleanean stating whether to add listeners to the window, or else, the DOMNode
element String div Element type of infinite scroll container


Method Description
forcePack Packs Bricks.js instance (usefull when data is dynamic)
forceUpdate Updates Bricks.js instance




npm i hijup-react-masonry-infinite

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