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An EC2 attribute query tool. Highchair lets you quickly get information about the EC2s you have running and filter based on certain metadata.


Highchair supports EC2 tags as filters and output. The examples below assume you have tagged some EC2 instances with Cluster tag.

Get the hostname of instances with the Cluster tag set to production:

node index.js --config config.json metadata --attribute dnsName --filter.Cluster production

Output the cluster name for instance i-5h39fjk:

node index.js --config config.json metadata --attribute Cluster --filter.instanceId i-5h39fjk

If you run the command from an EC2 instance, you can swap _self in for an actual Cluster tag value and the Cluster tag value of the current instance will be used.

Get the hostname of all instances in the same Cluster as me:

node index.js --config config.json metadata --attribute dnsName --filter.Cluster _self

You can use multiple filters at once. This will list the hostanme for all database servers in the staging Cluster.

node index.js --config config.json metadata --attribute dnsName --filter.Cluster staging --filter.Class database-server