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A tool to improve git workflows via cli. Provides pull request management when the repo is hosted on bitbucket.

npm install -g hiflow

hi config

Run this to setup access to the bitbucket API so you can access your repositories for pull request maintenance.

alt text

hi pr

requires bitbucket hosting

Hiflow gives you access to your pull requests and gives you options to checkout the branch for the pull request, approve, merge, or decline the pull request.

alt text

hi pr --status

requires bitbucket hosting

The status flag prints out an an overview of all pull requests available on the repository.

hi pr --create

requires bitbucket hosting

Create a new pull request with the create flag. Creates a new pull request from the branch you are on with options on where to merge to, title, description, and reviewers.

Be sure to configure your bitbucket default reviewers to get the full experience

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hi checkout

Hiflow checkout wants help you with your branch naming. Current branch options are feature, improvement, fix, hotfix, and release.

alt text

alt text

alt text

hi commit [--smart] ["commit message"]

Hiflow commit helps to prefix and format your commit messages. Currently the formatting prefixes your commit with the branch name. If your branch name is fix/readme, and message is add commit description, the output will be:

fix/readme: add commit description

# will prompt you for the commit message 
hi commit
# bypasses the prompt and uses the supplied message 
hi commit "my commit message"

Do you want to track time using bitbucket's smart commits? You easily do that with the --smart option.

# will prompt you for the commit message and smart commit options 
hi commit --smart
# bypasses message prompt and will continue with smart commit options 
hi commit --smart "good commit message"

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