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    High Fidelity Spatial Audio


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    The High Fidelity Spatial Audio Client Library allows developers to integrate High Fidelity's spatial audio technology into their projects.



    npm i hifi-spatial-audio

    Plain Web JavaScript

    Import the latest version of the main library with:

    <script src="https://hifi-spatial-audio-api.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/releases/latest/HighFidelityAudio-latest.js"></script>

    You'll Need a Developer Account

    To use the Spatial Audio API, you'll need to sign up for a High Fidelity Developer Account. Sign up for free at account.highfidelity.com.


    API documentation is available at docs.highfidelity.com.


    You'll find a bunch of examples that make use of this API in the Spatial-Audio-API-Examples GitHub Repository.

    Walkthrough Guides

    Walkthrough guides of sample applications written in plain Web JavaScript and written in NodeJS are available at highfidelity.com/api/guides.

    Release Notes

    Release notes for the Spatial Audio Client Library are available on the GitHub releases page.

    Super QuickStart - Web JavaScript

    Here's a super basic version of how to use the High Fidelity Spatial Audio Client Library in the Web JavaScript context:

    <script src="https://hifi-spatial-audio-api.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/releases/latest/HighFidelityAudio-latest.js"></script>
        // Set up the initial data for our user.
        // They'll be standing at the origin, facing "forward".
        let initialHiFiAudioAPIData = new HighFidelityAudio.HiFiAudioAPIData({
            position: new HighFidelityAudio.Point3D({ "x": 0, "y": 0, "z": 0 }),
            orientation: new HighFidelityAudio.OrientationQuat3D({ "w": 1, "x": 0, "y": 0, "z": 0 })
        // Set up our `HiFiCommunicator` object, supplying our media stream and initial user data.
        let hifiCommunicator = new HighFidelityAudio.HiFiCommunicator({
            initialHiFiAudioAPIData: initialHiFiAudioAPIData
        // `audioMediaStream` is obtained from a separate `getUserMedia()` call.
        await hifiCommunicator.setInputAudioMediaStream(audioMediaStream);
        // Connect to the High Fidelity Audio Spatial API Server by supplying your own JWT here.
        // Follow this guide to get a JWT: https://www.highfidelity.com/api/guides/misc/getAJWT
        // If you don't need a guide, obtain JWT credentials after signing up for a developer account at https://account.highfidelity.com/dev/account
        const HIFI_AUDIO_JWT = "";
        try {
            await hifiCommunicator.connectToHiFiAudioAPIServer(HIFI_AUDIO_JWT);
        } catch (e) {
            console.error(`Error connecting to High Fidelity:\n${e}`);

    Living on the Edge

    If you'd like to use an experimental version of the Spatial Audio Client library built automatically from the tip of the main branch:


    npm i hifi-spatial-audio@main

    Plain Web JavaScript

    Import the experimental version of the main library with:

    <script src="https://hifi-spatial-audio-api.s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/releases/main/HighFidelityAudio-latest.js"></script>


    npm i hifi-spatial-audio

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