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Hi, Vue Icons!


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A Vue component for including inline SVG icons from different popular icon packs easily.



  • Works for both Vue 2 & 3
  • Supports tree-shaking: only import the icons you want
  • 30000+ icons from 21 popular icon packs, see here


Supported Icon Packs

Now the following 21 icon packs are supported:

Icon Pack Prefix License Counts
Element Plus Icons el MIT 294
academicons ai SIL OFL 1.1 149
Bootstrap Icons bi MIT 1668
CoreUI Icons Free (Colorful) co CC BY 4.0 License 1575
Cryptocurrency Icons (Colorful) ci CC0 1.0 Universal 942
Font Awesome 5 Free fa CC BY 4.0 1610
Flat Color Icons (Colorful) fc MIT / Good Boy 329
Flag Icon (Colorful) fi MIT 530
gameicons gi CC BY 3.0 4052
Heroicons hi MIT 460
Ionicons io MIT 1332
Line Awesome la MIT / Good Boy 1544
Material Design icons md Apache 2.0 10537
Octicons oi MIT 259
Pokemon Icons (Colorful) pi CC BY 4.0 1453
PrimeIcons pr MIT 238
Pixelarticons px MIT 460
Remix Icon ri Apache 2.0 2271
Simple Icons si CC0 1.0 Universal 2233
VSCode Icons (Colorful) vi CC BY-SA 4.0 1125
Weather Icons wi SIL OFL 1.1 219



Search for icons and view the documentation here.



yarn add hi-vue-icons
# or
npm install hi-vue-icons

For Vue 2, you'll also need @vue/composition-api:

yarn add @vue/composition-api -D

Or if you are using Nuxt 2, you'll need @nuxtjs/composition-api instead:

yarn add @nuxtjs/composition-api -D

then add @nuxtjs/composition-api/module to the buildModules option in your nuxt.config.js, see here for details.



Global Import

Import hi-vue-icons and install it into Vue in main.js. You can only import the icons you need to reduce the bundle size.

Vue 3

// main.js
import { createApp } from "vue";
import App from "./App.vue";

import { HiVueIcon, addIcons } from "hi-vue-icons";
import { FaFlag, RiZhihuFill } from "hi-vue-icons/icons";

addIcons(FaFlag, RiZhihuFill);

const app = createApp(App);
app.component("v-icon", HiVueIcon);

If you don't care about the bundle size and want to import a whole icon pack, you may should:

// main.js
// import Font Awesome
import * as FaIcons from "hi-vue-icons/icons/fa";

const Fa = Object.values({ ...FaIcons });

Vue 2

// main.js
import Vue from "vue";
import App from "./App.vue";

import { HiVueIcon, addIcons } from "hi-vue-icons";
import { FaFlag, RiZhihuFill } from "hi-vue-icons/icons";

addIcons(FaFlag, RiZhihuFill);

Vue.component("v-icon", HiVueIcon);

new Vue({
  render: h => h(App)


Local Import

import HiVueIcon from "hi-vue-icons";

export default {
  components: {
    "v-icon": HiVueIcon



The icon names should be passed using kebab-case.

    <v-icon name="fa-flag" />
    <v-icon name="ri-zhihu-fill" />

For Font Awesome 5 icons, icons from regular pack have name prop values like fa-regular-flag. Icons from solid and brands pack have name prop values like fa-beer and fa-github.

See the documentation for more about the usage.



Name Description Type Accepted Values Default value
scale Icon size number / 1
animation Type of animation string wrench / ring / pulse / spin / spin-pulse / flash / float /
speed Animation speed string slow / fast /
hover Enable animation only when being hovered boolean true / false false
flip Used to flip icon string vertical / horizontal / both /
fill Fill color of icon string HEX color code or color name currentColor
label Icon lable string / /
title Icon title string / /
inverse Make icon color white? boolean true / false false

Some examples could be found in the documentation.



When using Nuxt, you need to register hi-vue-icons as a plugin following Nuxt's documentation.

It should be noted that, hi-vue-icons should be added to the build.transpile option in your nuxt.config.js (see here for details):

export default {
  // ...
  build: {
    transpile: ["hi-vue-icons"]

To render the icon component only on client-side, you may need to wrap it in a <client-only> tag:

      <v-icon name="fa-flag" />
      <v-icon name="ri-zhihu-fill" />



When using Vite, it is suggested to exclude hi-vue-icons from pre-bundling:

// vite.config.js

export default {
  // ...
  optimizeDeps: {
    exclude: ["hi-vue-icons/icons"]

When using Vite's Server-Side Rendering (SSR) support (VuePress, Vite SSG, etc.), hi-vue-icons should be added to the ssr.noExternal option (see here for details):

// vite.config.js

export default {
  // ...
  ssr: {
    noExternal: ["hi-vue-icons"]



Contributions are welcomed, see the contribution guides.





This project is MIT licensed. Icons are taken from other projects, so check the license of each accordingly.

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