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This is a Node.js interface to the Mercurial command server ( I wrote it because I needed a JS api for mercurial, and I didn't find any lying around.

I have not been very rigorous about this implementation. In many cases, it's a direct translation of the reference implementation ( This means that I have not taken the time to read the actual Mercurial code to verify that my code captures all cases. This is especially relevant for code that parses hg output into JSON. I wrote enough to handle the output I saw in my use cases. Is this bad practice? yes. Is this version 0.0? yes. Nuff said. See the roadmap if you want to see how this will change over time.

If the current version (in package.json) is 0.0.x, then, the implementation is not complete. Like I said, I wrote this code to make other code possible, so I only bothered to implement the hg commands that I really needed. I do plan to finish up the interface in the future, but I'm publishing the incomplete module now since I've found it useful and you might too.

If I am missing a command you need, feel free to implement it and send me a pull request, or just ask me to implement it. They aren't hard, just a little tedious.

See LICENSE for license information. If you don't like what you see, contact me, and I'll consider your request.


  • 0.0.x : I'm still working on implementing all the mercurial commands.

  • 0.x (x>0) : Then, I'll work on verifying my implementation WRT the mercurial implementation. When this is done, that means that I have convinced myself that this program works correctly for anything you do with mercurial.

  • I'm reserving the right to change the interface at any time in version 0 and subsequently between major versions.


I'm sorry if my javascript style is crap and/or a heterogeneous mix of different styles. I'm working on it, but I'm also busy. If you have some suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.

  • Testing

I use nodeunit. To run the tests, just install nodeunit and then run

$ nodeunit test