NodeJS Module to encode videos with HeyWatch, a Cloud Video Encoding Service

NodeJS client Library for encoding Videos with HeyWatch

npm install heywatch

Use the API Request Builder to generate a config file that match your specific workflow.

Example of heywatch.conf:

var s3 = s3://accesskey:secretkey@mybucket
set source  = http://yoursite.com/media/video.mp4
set webhook = http://mysite.com/webhook/heywatch
-> mp4  = $s3/videos/video.mp4
-> webm = $s3/videos/video.webm
-> jpg_300x = $s3/previews/thumbs_#num#.jpg, number=3

Here is the javascript code to submit the config file:

var heywatch = require('heywatch');
var conf = open('heywatch.conf').read();
heywatch.submit(conf, 'api-key', function(job) {
  if(job.status == 'ok') {
  } else {

Note that you can use the environment variable HEYWATCH_API_KEY to set your API key.

Released under the MIT license.

  • HeyWatch website: http://www.heywatchencoding.com
  • API documentation: http://www.heywatchencoding.com/docs
  • Github: http://github.com/heywatch/heywatch_api-ruby
  • Contact: support@heywatch.com
  • Twitter: @heywatch / @sadikzzz