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    Yet another Hexo plugin to enable awesome Webpack package system in your Hexo site.

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    • Support for conventional webpack.config.js*

      webpack.config.js is recommended by Webpack official.

    • Contextual configuration (instance webpack config or theme webpack config)

      If the theme author cannot handle the webpack config of his/her theme, he/she cannot even find his/her javascript files to include theme into templates! 🤣

    • Contextual entry path resolution

      Along with the contextual configuration, webpack entries should also be resolved from their context!

    • Hexo cache integration

      WIP 🚧

      Speed up the build process! 🚀

    Why not? 🤔

    The most significant reason is that, you cannot provide a logical condition when configuring Webpack because both of the 2 plugins only support static configuration, that is, Hexo's YAML config files. Besides, you lose the support from awesome Webpack plugins in Hexo.

    About Hexo renderers 🎨

    Renderering a file sounds like performing transformation to a file and it should be a 1-to-1 relationship between the source file and the rendered file.

    However, in Webpack, you can configure multiple targets for the same entrypoint which results in a 1-to-several relationship.

    Therefore, not to be offensive to anyone but for a better experience webpacking in Hexo, I don't think renderer is a proper way to integrate Webpack with Hexo.

    Core concepts 💡

    🚧 To be continued...

    • Hexo generator
      • to generate routes for output files, and detect whether entry files have been changed or not
    • Event generateAfter
      • to remove entry files from routers
      • to ensure all output files are in routes



    Frequently used terms in this document are defined here.

    contextual configuration

    Configuration that is aware of where the config file is, that is, in the instance or in a theme.


    Your hexo instance, everything about your site, including posts, pages, data assets, scripts, source files, etc.

    instance config

    Referred to <hexo_root>/_config.yml.

    instance webpack config

    Referred to <hexo_root>/webpack.config.js*.


    The theme for your hexo instance, placed under <hexo_root>/themes/<theme_name>/, including templates, data assets, scripts, source files, etc.

    theme config

    Referred to <hexo_root>/themes/<theme_name>/_config.yml.

    theme webpack config

    Referred to <hexo_root>/themes/<theme_name>/webpack.config.js*.

    Configuration precedence

    Configuration may be done at several places as shown in the table below. Rows in the table are in descending precedence; that is, the first valid config found is the effective one.

    No configuration merging accross the listed places are performed in order to keep the configuration processing simple. It's recommended to decide one place and place all necessary configs in the chosen place.

    For the instance

    Precedence File Config Key
    1 (highest) <hexo_root>/_config.yml webpack
    0 (lowest) <hexo_root>/webpack.config.js*

    For the theme

    Precedence File Config Key
    2 (highest) <hexo_root>/_config.yml theme_config.webpack
    1 <hexo_root>/themes/<theme_name>/_config.yml webpack
    0 (lowest) <hexo_root>/themes/<theme_name>/webpack.config.js*

    Path resolution

    Entry paths

    Each entry path is resolved from the source/ folder of its context; that is, an entry in the theme webpack config is resolved from <hexo_root>/themes/<theme_name>/source/ while an entry in the instance webpack config is resolved from <hexo_root>/source/.

    Output paths

    All output path are resolved under <hexo_root>/public/.



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