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    Modern · Powerful · Simple
    现代 · 强大 · 简洁

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    Contents 目录

    Introduction 简介

    "Suka", a Modern and Simple Theme for Hexo, with a lot of powerful features.
    「Suka」,一个拥有许多强大特性的,现代、简洁的 Hexo 主题。

    Demo 演示

    Install 安装

    cd hexo
    $ git clone themes/suka
    $ cat themes/suka/site_config.yml >> _config.yml
    cd themes/suka
    $ npm i
    cd ..
    cd ..

    You can also read our detailed installation instructions if you want any other variant.

    你也可以阅读我们的 详细安装说明 了解如何用其他方法下载「Suka」并启用。

    Documents 文档

    Suka Theme Docs

    ATTENTION! The English Version of Docs is still under construction!
    But do not worry, I wrote the detailed explainations in config file's comment in English. So you can still configure the theme without difficulty. Any problem please feel free to open a new issue.

    Suka 主题文档

    The source code of Docs

    Contributing 贡献

    All kinds of contributions (enhancements, new features, documentation & code improvements, issues & bugs reporting) are welcome.
    please read the Dev Guide before you start your contributing.

    欢迎各种形式的贡献,包括但不限于优化,添加功能,文档 & 代码的改进,问题和 bugs 的报告。期待你的 Pull Request。
    在参与贡献之前,请先阅读 开发指南

    Changelog 更新日志

    View our release notes

    Todo 计划

    See Repo's projects for details.

    Repo's projects 查看关于 Todo 的详细信息

    The Todo is written in Chinese

    Maintainer 维护者

    Suka Theme © Sukka, Released under the GPL-3.0 License.
    Authored and maintained by Sukka with help from contributors (list).

    Personal Website · Blog · GitHub @SukkaW · Telegram Channel @SukkaChannel · Twitter @isukkaw · Keybase @sukka

    License 许可证


    Open sourced under the GPL v3.0 license.

    根据 GPL V3.0 许可证开源。

    Support 支持


    jsDelivr – Open Source CDN. free, fast, and reliable

    Thanks jsDelivr for providing Public CDN service.

    Spectre.css is a lightweight, responsive and modern CSS framework.

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    npm i hexo-theme-suka

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