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"Redefine" hexo theme is a blend of simplicity, speed, and purity, yet it makes no compromises on functionality or design. Loaded with widely utilized features and polished web design, it seamlessly marries practicality with aesthetics.

Drawing its core from hexo-theme-keep, this theme elevates the foundation by enhancing the style and integrating valuable writing modules and plugins. The theme encourages personalization, offering extensive customizability to mold various facets to your liking, making your blogging journey truly unique and user-friendly.

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🌐 Demo

If you are also using Redefine, please go to Redefine Theme Showcase to add your blog link.

⛰️ Features

☁️ Installation

The easiest way to install Theme Redefine is by using npm (after your hexo version has been up to 5.0+)

$ cd your-hexo-site
$ npm install hexo-theme-redefine@latest

Another method is by git clone

$ cd your-hexo-site
$ git clone https://github.com/EvanNotFound/hexo-theme-redefine.git themes/redefine

After the installation, go to the _config.yml of your hexo site and set

theme: redefine

⏫ Update

To update hexo-theme-redefine, you can run the same npm command

$ npm install hexo-theme-redefine@latest

Another method is by git clone

$ git clone https://github.com/EvanNotFound/hexo-theme-redefine.git themes/redefine

📄 Documentations

Please read Redefine Docs when installing

It's very easy to understand.

☕ Support

Feel free to pull request and send issues.

If you have any questions, please send an email to contact@ohevan.com. I will reply in time.

Please give me a star to support me, thanks!

Also, if you are using Typora, check out Typora Theme Redefine so that you can preview the styles of your blog in Typora.

💗 Donations

Thanks to all the people who have donated to me. Your support is my greatest motivation.

If you like this theme, please give a star. You can also support me by donating.

This is the list of all the people who have donated to me: Donation List

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🌟 Star History

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💻 Development

If you want to contribute to this project, you can clone the dev branch and check out the Development Docs to get started.

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