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    «Keep» is a simple and elegant Hexo theme. It makes you more focused on writing.

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    🌟 Online Preview

    If you want to put a link to your blog in the online preview list, you can give the author a PR.

    🚀 Installation

    If you're using Hexo 5.0 or later, the simplest way to install is through npm:

    # recommend
    $ cd hexo-site
    $ npm install hexo-theme-keep

    Or you can clone the entire repository:

    $ cd hexo-site
    $ git clone themes/keep

    After the installation, open Hexo config file and set theme variable to keep.

    theme: keep

    🔧 Usage

    Please see the official documents of «Keep».

    It is not recommended to directly modify any files in the «Keep» theme. Because this may cause errors (e.g. merge conflicts), and the modified files may be discarded when upgrading the theme.

    🎯 Update

    «Keep» releases new versions from time to time. You can update Keep by the following command.

    Install the latest version throuth npm:

    # recommend
    $ cd hexo-site
    $ npm install hexo-theme-keep@latest

    Or update to the latest master branch:

    $ cd themes/keep
    $ git pull

    🎨 Contributing

    We welcome you to join the development of «Keep». Please see contributing guide.

    🎬 Contributors

    This project exists thanks to all the people who contribute.

    💖 Thanks

    «Keep» send special thanks to these great services that sponsor our core infrastructure:

    GitHub allows us to host the Git repository and run the test suite.

    Thanks jsDelivr and UNPKG for providing public CDN service.

    📝 License


    Copyright © 2020-present XPoet


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