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    Essence is a functional and darkmode featured theme for Hexo.

    Visit Sshwy's Notes for preview.


    Features Quick View 🔨

    • 🌓 Dark mode.
    • 🔒 Encrypt tag for paragraphs of your post.
    • 📦 Iconfont instead of font awesome. So if you need more icons you have to collect them yourself.
    • 📂 Folder categorized instead of manually writing it into frontmatter.
    • ☁️ Leancloud storage project for Valine.
    • 📱 Responsive layout.
    • 🔍 Local search.

    Installation 📥

    You can simply install it as a node module:

    npm install hexo-theme-essence --save
    # or
    yarn install hexo-theme-essence --save

    On another hand, the traditional way is still working, which means you clone this repository under <YourBlog>/themes/essence/:

    cd <YourBlog>
    mkdir --parents themes
    git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/sshwy/hexo-theme-essence.git themes/essence

    Whatever way you choose, please install these peer dependencies as well:

    npm install hexo-renderer-stylus hexo-renderer-ejs --save
    # or
    yarn install hexo-renderer-stylus hexo-renderer-ejs --save

    It's worth reminding that hexo-renderer-stylus and hexo-renderer-ejs is hexo's default render engine.

    Configuration ⚙️

    First of all, create a copy of default configuration under <YourBlog>/, renaming it to _config.essence.yml.

    Then you can follow the comments to modify it just as you want 😄.

    If you use traditional way to install, Modifying <YourBlog>/themes/essence/_config.yml directly is also a way, but not recommended.

    Builtin Tag Plugins

    Essence prepared some useful hexo tag plugins for you.

    Codeforces User ID

    Inserts a user handle with Codeforces-like color style.

    {% codeforces rating_label @ username %}
    {% cf rating_label @ username %}

    rating_label insensitively can be:

    • lgm for legendary grand master
    • igm for international grand master
    • gm for grand master
    • im for international master
    • m for master
    • cm for candidate master
    • e for expert
    • s for specialist
    • p for pupil
    • unr for unrated


    {% codeforces im @ sshwyR %}
    {% cf im @ sshwyR %}

    Details Block

    Produce a HTML details block:

    {% details [open] [@ title] %}
    {% enddetails %}


    {% details open @ Default set to open %}
    Details **Content**
    {% enddetails %}
    {% details @ Default set to close %}
    Details **Content**
    {% enddetails %}
    {% details %}
    No title
    {% enddetails %}

    Post Content Encrypt

    Encrypt part of your post with custom password.

    {% enc password [hint] %}
    {% endenc %}


    {% enc 123456 password: 123456 (space is not allowed in password but allowed in hint) %}
    {% enc 123456 123456 %}
    Hi, there!
    {% endenc %}
    {% endenc %}

    known issue: Can't work with markdown code fence block inside. solution: hexo code block tag plugin

    Contributing 🖋️

    Pull requests are welcome. For major changes and feature requests, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change or request.

    License 📄

    View LICENSE.md for detailed information.

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