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Inserts an image tag using a Google Drive image resource ID.

This is a hexo tag plugin which allows you to embed an image stored on your Google Drive account.

To install, run the following command in the root directory of hexo:

npm install hexo-tag-gdriveimage --save

And add this plugin in your _config.yml.

  - hexo-tag-gdriveimage
{% gdimg imageId [class1,class2] [JSONImageAttibutes] %}

How to get the imageId:


{% gdimg 0B5NCrwMAnvEzaW14ZVJlODlkbUE center,custom_class1,custom_class2 {"width":450,"height":450,"alt":"Image Alt"} %}

Will output:

<img width="450" height="450" alt="Image Alt" src="" class="center custom_class1 custom_class2">


Classes must be comma-separated and without spaces. Same as JSONImageAttibutes.

  • Fancybox does not work with Google Drive images :/