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    A markdown renderer for Hexo based on Lute.


    Make sure you have existed markdown renderer uninstalled:

    • hexo-renderer-marked - The default markdown renderer shipped with Hexo.
    • hexo-renderer-markdown-it - Another official markdown renderer made by Hexo.

    Then install hexo-lute with following command:

    $ npm i hexo-lute --save
    # yarn add hexo-lute # if you prefer yarn


    The default behavior of hexo-lute is nearly the same as hexo-renderer-marked with default configuration.

    You can configure this plugin in _config.yml to enable extra features.

      gfm: true # Enabled by default
      breaks: true # Enabled by default
      header_id: true # Enabled by default
      autolink: true # Enabled by default
      emoji: false # Disabled by default
      prepend_root: false # Disabled by default
      sanitize: false # Disabled by default
      lazyload: false # Disabled by default
      lazyload_src: ''
      github_todo_list: false # Disabled by default
      github_todo_list_class: 'task-list'
      fix_term_typo: false # Disabled by default
      auto_space: false # Disabled by default
      chinese_punct: false # Disabled by default
    • gfm: GitHub flavored markdown
    • breaks: Treats soft break as a hard break, just like GitHub Issues.
    • header_id: Insert header id, e.g. <h1 id="text">text</h1>. Useful for inserting anchor link to each paragraph with a heading.
    • autolink: Enable autolink for URLs. E.g. will become <a href=""></a>.
    • emoji: Emoji support. E.g. :heart: will become ❤️.
    • prepend_root: Prepend config.root value to internal image url & relative link.
    • sanitize: Basic XSS filter based on bluemonday. Please just don't rely on it.
    • lazyload: Enable lazyload for image. The original src will then become data-src.
    • lazyload_src: Set a new src after original src became data-src. Useful for a placeholder (small "loading" gif things).
      • If lazyload is set to true and lazyload_src is unset or empty,  will be use then.
    • github_todo_list: GFM Todo List support.
    • github_todo_list_class: The class name for GFM Todo List support, useful for styling.
    • fix_term_typo: Enable some coding term correction (e.g. Github => GitHub, jquery => jQuery, etc.)
    • auto_space: Add a space between CJK character and other characters.
    • chinese_punct: Replace the English punctuation to Chinese punctuation (punctuation between Chinese words only).


        ✓ hexo-lute (324ms)
        ✓ hexo-renderer-marked (41ms)

    It shows that hexo-lute is 7x slower than hexo-renderer-marked. But hexo-lute could be faster under specific circumstances (shorter & simpler posts).


    MIT License


    hexo-lute © Sukka, Released under the MIT License.
    Authored and maintained by Sukka with help from contributors (list).

    Personal Website · Blog · GitHub @SukkaW · Telegram Channel @SukkaChannel · Twitter @isukkaw · Keybase @sukka


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