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Hexo filter and tag to populate post variables from imgur gallery. This plugin does not simply load an iframe, but allows you to format and style the gallery according to your hexo theme.


Please open an issue if you would like to take ownership.


npm install hexo-filter-imgur --save

get your imgur client id

You'll need an imgur client id:

  • go to imgur register an application page.
  • Application Name: anything
  • Authorization type: anonymous usage
  • Authorization callback URL: blank
  • Application website: blank
  • email: your email
  • description: my hexo-filter-imgur api key

When I submitted this form (April 2016) there was some kind of server error.. and the form said I needed an auth callback url. I just submitted a second time and it worked, so IDK.

basic usage

First include your clientId in _config.yml.

  clientId: e5230f612bb2a1d

Then insert the imgur tag in your post content:

{% imgur qUxdy3 %}

This will read the album with the key qUxdy3 from imgur, and render it inline, using templates/basic.ejs. Depending on what theme you're using, this may not look that great. Post an issue here on github if your theme is broken when you do this.

You can specify your own template if you like:

  clientId: e5230f612bb2a1d
  galleryTemplate: themes/myAwesomeGallery.ejs

advanced usage

This method gives you much more control over how the gallery is rendered, but will require editing your theme

First configure your _config.yml, you need to map the imgur data (key name) to fields in your hexo post (value), the config below includes some common useful fields:

  # clientId is a special case, not part of the map
  clientId: e5230f612bb2a1d
  # imgurKey: hexoKey
  title: title # default
  description: exerpt #default
  cover: cover # default
  imageLinks: photos # default
  datetime: datetime
  images: images

The photos field in hexo is commonly used by themes which expect it to contain a simple array of urls, the imageLinks key provides exactly that.

The images key contains an array of objects which look like this:

  "id": "CjmMMmM",
  "title": "Timber Beams",
  "description": "This is a timber beam",
  "datetime": "1 April 2016, 7:45 PM",
  "type": "image\/jpeg",
  "animated": false,
  "width": 3096,
  "height": 4128,
  "size": 1665684,
  "views": 853,
  "bandwidth": 1420828452,
  "vote": null,
  "favorite": false,
  "nsfw": null,
  "section": null,
  "account_url": null,
  "account_id": null,
  "comment_preview": null,
  "link": "http:\/\/i.imgur.com\/CjmMMmM.jpg"

You do not need to call the tag from your post as with "basic usage", just set imgurGalleryKey in your front matter, and then your template will have access to the fields you specified in your _config.yml.

After that the filter will be run automatically when you hexo generate

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