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HEXO package that provides analytics on the read time to review the post. Supports 48 languages! Can add or override langProfile defaults.


$ npm install hexo-generator-readtime

📝 When defaultTime is set to "auto," it will calculate the fuzzy time based on the least "count" time for fuzzyTime.time_unit. Example: 578sec becomes "about 10 minutes". If you define defaultTime as "seconds", "minutes", etc., the time returned is more precise whereas "auto" will provide a very rough estimation.

How to use

After you have installed this plugin, it will run anytime you run hexo server or hexo generate.

readTime will read the lang value in your front-matter to select the correct language profile. If this value is missing, it will attempt to read the _config.yml setting. If both of these are missing, then it will default to en (English).

It updates the front-matter of your posts to include the analytics data. The following parameters are added:

parameter description
readTime String that represents the estimated time to read the article. Printed in the detected language's native text.
imgCount Count of images found in the file.
vidCount Count of videos detected in the file.
wordCount Count of words in the file. This works very well for non-Asian languages. Some languages don't employ the space character as a word boundary. For Asian languages such as Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese, another method is required to create word tokens.
wsCount Count of white-space characters detected in the file. This is only useful for non-Asian languages.
charCount Letters detected for the given language in the file.
cbCount Count of code blocks in the file.

👉🏻 Note: it only reads the posts from the /source/_posts/ folder. You can reference these values in your EJS template files from the object post. For example: <%= post.readTime %>. This plugin updates both in-memory post object and the markdown file.

Parameter definitions

Below are the definitions for each parameter and expected values.

readtime: ## plugin config. Only define this if you need to override the built-in settings.
  defaultTime: auto ## Time unit used for calculating read time. Options: auto | seconds | minutes | days | months | years
  imgReadTime: 12 ## Time user may spend watching an image in *seconds*.
  vidReadTime: 60 ## Time user may spend watching a video in *seconds*.
  langProfile: ## profile of the language
    "{your lang}": ## ISO-639-1 string is expected here. However, you can specify your custom language code here.
      name: "My Lang" ## name of your custom language as written in English
      nativeName: "myLanguage" ## name of your custom language as written in the language's native text
      family: "Earth-Moon" ## origins of the language.
      region: ["Earth", "Moon"] ## regions where this language is used
      unicodeRange: ["\u0021-\u007E"] ## array of unicode values that represent the language's native text. See https://www.unicode.org/charts/
      charPerMin: 999 ## Number of characters user could read in one *minute*
      wordsPerMin: 333 ## Number of **words** user could read in one *minute*
      fuzzyTime: ## string object for representations of how time units are written 
        pattern: %(time_unit)s %(count)d%(approx)s ## sprintf() string pattern for how to write the text
        approx: apx ## text to represent approximate time as a word. If no such word exist, use `""` a closed string as the value
        time_unit: ## string object to define how each time unit is written in the language's native text
          second: sec
          seconds: secs
          minute: min
          minutes: mins
          hour: h
          hours: h
          day: d
          days: d
          month: m
          months: m
          year: y
          years: y
### some languages are recommended to encapsulate the values within double-quote (") marks.


Note: this is completely optional as the plugin already has several languages predefined. You can configure plugin overrides in your root _config.yml. For example:

  defaultTime: seconds
  imgReadTime: 12
      name: "Arabic"
      nativeName: "العربية"
      family: "Afro-Asiatic"
      region: ["Middle East", "North Africa"]
      unicodeRange: ["\u0021-\u007E", "\u0600-\u06FF", "\u0750-\u077F", "\u0870-\u089F" "\u08A0-\u08FF", "\uFB50-\uFDFF", "\uFE70-\uFEFF"]
      charPerMin: 612
      wordsPerMin: 138
        pattern: %(time_unit)s %(count)d %(approx)s
        approx: حوالي
          second: ثانية
          seconds: ثواني
          minute: دقيقة
          minutes: دقائق
          hour: ساعة
          hours: ساعات
          day: يوم
          days: أيام
          month: شهر
          months: شهور
          year: سنة
          years: سنوات
      name: "English"
      unicodeRange: ["a-zA-Z0-9"]
      charPerMin: 987
      wordsPerMin: 228
        pattern: %(approx)s %(count)d %(time_unit)s
        approx: "About"
          second: "second"
          seconds: "seconds"
          minute: "minute"
          minutes: "minutes"
          hour: "hour"
          hours: "hours"
          day: "day"
          days: "days"
          month: "month"
          months: "months"
          year: "year"
          years: "years"
      charPerMin: 357
      wordsPerMin: 193
      charPerMin: 255
      wordsPerMin: 158

Custom Language

You can add a custom language in your root _config.yml file.

      charPerMin: 1500
      wordsPerMin: 300
        pattern: %(approx)s %(count)d%(time_unit)s
        approx: "appx"
          second: "sec"
          minute: "min"

List of supported languages

Language native text ISO-639-1 code
Arabic العربية ar
Bengali বাংলা bn
German Deutsch de
English English en
Greek Ελληνικά el
Spanish Español es
Persian (Farsi) فارسی fa
Finnish suomi fi
French Français fr
Gujarati ગુજરાતી gu
Hebrew עִבְרִית he
Hindi हिन्दी hi
Armenian հայերեն hy
Italian Italiano it
Jin 晋语 jin
Japanese 日本語 ja
Javanese Basa Jawa jv
Georgian ქართული ka
Korean 한국어 ko
Latin Latīna la
Dutch Nederlands nl
Punjabi ਪੰਜਾਬੀ pa
Polish polski pl
Pashto پښتو ps
Portuguese Português pt
Southern Min (Hokkien, Teochew) 閩南語 (福建話, 潮州話) nan
Norwegian Norsk Bokmål nb
Norwegian Nynorsk nynorsk nn
Marathi मराठी mr
Russian Русский ru
Sinhala සිංහල si
Slovenian slovenščina sl
Swedish Svenska sv
Tamil தமிழ் ta
Telugu తెలుగు te
Thai ไทย th
Turkish Türkçe tr
Vietnamese Tiếng Việt vi
Urdu اردو ur
Yue Chinese 粤语 yue
Wu (including Shanghainese) 吴语 (含上海话) wuu
Chinese (Mandarin) 中文 (普通话) zh-CN
Chinese (Simplified) 中文 (简体) zh-Hans
Chinese (Traditional) 中文 (繁體) zh-Hant
Chinese (Hong Kong) 中文 (香港) zh-HK
Chinese (Cantonese, Macau) 中文 (廣東話, 澳門) zh-MO
Chinese (Singapore) 中文 (普通话) zh-SG
Chinese (Taiwan) 中文 (繁體中文) zh-TW
Chinese 中文 (简体) zh

Don't see your language here?

Please submit an issue to request your language to be added. It helps if you can suggest the profile details too. Otherwise, I need to research it and that can take time.

You can also make feature requests and submit language corrections.


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